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Jan 19, 2015
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Frigidaire Starts to fill, the vent opens/closes, opens/closes, then it stops filling and flashes er

We start the dishwasher, it starts to fill, I can hear the vent opening and closing continuously then it stops filling. I set the latch so the machine would think the door was closed so i could witness it, the vent on the top just opens/ closes, I don't know what it looks like when the vent functions correctly so I'm not sure if this is normal. Can anyone chime in? Is this normal or should will the vent malfunctioning cause the fill cycle to stop?

So your only getting an "er" error code and nothing else after the "er"?

And the vent is opening and closing continually? It shouldn't be doing that. That to me sounds like your control board is malfunctioning and would need to be replaced.

Here's the control board for your model you can order here:
Frigidaire 154815601 Board Control - AppliancePartsPros.com

Yup, and yesterday it started working again, completely normal. I slammed the door when I started it this time so I wonder if its the latch? But previously i physically engaged the latch with a screwdriver and it didn't work that time so I'm clueless.
Interesting, it could be just the latch with that added information.:)

Its under $20.00 so I'd replace the latch first. All parts you order through our links we post come with a 365 day full refund, less shipping, return policy. Even if you install it and it doesn't fix the problem.:)

Here's the latch assembly for your model you can order:
Frigidaire 154722401 Latch - AppliancePartsPros.com


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