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FGID2477 Frigidaire Gallery (2015) Dishwasher Water Pressure Issue - (i20) code also


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Apr 21, 2019
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6-10 years

I've run into an issue with my 2015 Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher (FGID2477) where the dishwasher is pumping water in, however, it appears there's not enough pressure being produced, thus all the dishes are not getting cleaned and are simply getting wet.

I followed this video: to see if I could figure out what exactly was going on, and initially, I was getting an i64 and an i20 error code. After performing the tests, the only error code to show up now is the i20.

I tried several things including checking the water lines coming into the dishwasher were not kinked, in addition to ensuring the water valve was fully open. The dishwasher is draining without issue, so I'm assuming it may have something to do with a water pressure sensor or something? Looking to get some advice on what I can do to fix this or potentially which parts from Repairclinic.com or partselect.ca I need to grab to get the dishwasher back in action.

Thank you in advance.
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Attaching a few pictures of the underside of the unit, where it drains, and this additional unit on the side. Any suggestions on what I can replace to get rid of the i20 error code?


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You sure this dishwasher is draining ok? Here is a service manual. I 20 maybe a drain problem. That video is also on the Frigidaire site. It is a good reference!
Thank you for your reply! It does appear that the dishwasher is draining properly as I do hear the water drain correctly through the pipe and when I open the dishwasher at the end of the cycle there is no water remaining at the base of the tub. It seems that the dishes are just not getting cleaned properly, and from what I was reading around the forums it seems like this i20 was related to the pressure sensor... But I'm still not 100% sure. Right now, I've put the unit back together and I'm running a normal cycle in the dishwasher. I will see if it completes successfully and report back.
Thanks bigbuck.(y)

FGID2477 is just a partial model number, what is your complete model number? Read it from the model number tag which is located inside the door on the tub frame.

Here's our main threads on this issue:
Try this first from @kjo:
Hey Jake, You just saved my Butt!
This DW was throwing all kinds of service codes, but mainly i20.
Drain pump always running. I was very suspicious that it thought it was still full of water.
Service place mentioned a kings ransom if it was the PCB. Its a PITA to pull out the DW, but on a chance
I did and popped out that pressure switch. SURE ENOUGH, it looked like a slug had crawled inside
of it!

I cleaned it and soaked it in vinegar, reassembled the DW and I now get the GREEN floor light!!!

Yippee and thanks.
This is one of the cases where I can't see the forest for the trees. Here it is: FGID2477RF3A. I did remove the pressure switch and made sure it was clean and I couldn't find any debris in there.


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Thanks, your model takes Pressure Switch A00055408

But Like I said here:
No, not A00055408.

You need the upgraded Pressure Sensor kit.:)

You can order it here:
5304504077 Pressure Sensor Kit

RepairClinic ships to Canada: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Pressure-Switch/5304504077/4378879
Thanks, your model takes Pressure Switch A00055408

But Like I said here:

RepairClinic ships to Canada: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Pressure-Switch/5304504077/4378879
Thank you! I'll order the part and report back if it fixed my problem. Really appreciate the input you and bigbuck provided!
Ok, sounds good.:)
Okay, so I was able to purchase the pressure switch, installed it, and ran the dishwasher calibration as per the video. Ran several cycles, however, the same issue remains where water is coming in, but no pressure is going to any of the spraying components.

Also on the history, it states the i20 error however the cycle is completing with the green illuminated floor light being on. One of the tests I set the lower rotating sprayer to the middle and after it finished its cycle, that rotator did not move at all. There's water coming into the dishwasher, and there's definitely a lot of heat in there too, however nothing is getting cleaned. Which part should I start looking at purchasing next to fix this?
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Ok, So you don't hear any water splashing in the tub after it fills?

Then yes, possibly the circulation pump, you can check for 120 volts at the 2 wires that go to it with your multimeter, to see if you get 120 volts when it should be running.
Thanks again for the reply. During some additional testing this evening with a friend of mine, there was definitely an odd buzzing / grinding sound coming from the pump when it was activated. As mentioned before, considering the cost of a new pump, it's better that I simply cut my losses and get a new unit. There's other parts within the dishwasher unit which are already broken or damaged, so at some point I would have to replace it anyway.

Really appreciate your assistance on this. Cheers!
Ok, I agree with you on getting a new dishwasher then.

Sorry about that, I thought the wash motor pump was running after it filled, that's why suggested the pressure switch.

Thanks for the update!

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