Field Service Management Software?


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Jun 24, 2022
I have been digging through FSM's using a variety of,, general google searching and youtube videos. I tend to run into either lack of explaining (unless I sign up for a demo.. sigh), lack of pricing, or lack of particular features.

A few of the obvious things I'm looking for...
-Customer database (most seem to cover this)
-Scheduling (again most cover)
-Invoicing tool

A few things I really really would like to have that I finding hard to pair up...
-Offline support, this is critical as there are jobs that are in the country in my area. I have used which does not support this (though it says it does) and immediately went back to Google Calendar, losing my work or being unable to use the software in a remote location is not acceptable for me or (hopefully) future employees.
-Route planning, and what I mean by this is, the distance or time between job A to job B is considered. Example, if I have a 10am scheduled for 30 min and a job 1 hr from that location scheduled at 11am, I need to know that there is a conflict, or at least need to see the total time of job A to better plan for job B.
-Pricing, starting off I don't feel comfortable dishing out more than $100 a month for a tool, this isn't exactly firm depending on the features. Many have great pricing methods, like Workiz (45 user, but 5 user min), and Jobber (starts at 50 I believe, great)

A final note about some tools I have looked at and what worries me about them...
-Workiz, while this tool seems to tick many of the boxes, unfortunately $245 is a bit steep for me. Also it does not have offline support
-Jobber, this does seem to have a map view, but it also just draws a literally line, it does not actually map it like Google maps or something like...
-Geopointe, this has the absolute exact type of mapping I am looking for, but seems to lack most of the other things needed.

Any fingers in the right direction is greatly appreciated.
Just going to put this out there as a question. I see my company getting big one day and needing some sort of program if I have several techs to cover things.
I'm a one man show and just make sure I keep good notes on paper. I made a old fashion data sheet that has what I need. I work in the country and there is no signal. Cant order or look up parts.
Customer contact info and address on my phone.
Do you have more than one Tech now.

I try to figure out how long a repair will take.. Good luck cause the unexpected happens and your not going to make it to your next appointment on time.
I use a window and explain that is just expected time. I'll call if delayed or when on my way I confirm also they are there and didn't forget.
Google maps will tell you how far and travel time from one to the next.

I've seen in the corporate settings some scheduler trying to say a job should only take this long, They are often Analytical only type people and haven't been in the trench very long. I love to analyze and think about things like this and want some new system that will give me data and reports.
In the long run what has happened in the industrial maintenance sector in a factory as a example is Techs are now spending more time doing paperwork or data entry instead of repairs. I laughed at this often, I did two hours of work and had to do 6 hrs filling out forms.

Good luck with your business may it grow and prosper.
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