Field Service Management Software?


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Jun 24, 2022
I have been digging through FSM's using a variety of,, general google searching and youtube videos. I tend to run into either lack of explaining (unless I sign up for a demo.. sigh), lack of pricing, or lack of particular features.

A few of the obvious things I'm looking for...
-Customer database (most seem to cover this)
-Scheduling (again most cover)
-Invoicing tool

A few things I really really would like to have that I finding hard to pair up...
-Offline support, this is critical as there are jobs that are in the country in my area. I have used which does not support this (though it says it does) and immediately went back to Google Calendar, losing my work or being unable to use the software in a remote location is not acceptable for me or (hopefully) future employees.
-Route planning, and what I mean by this is, the distance or time between job A to job B is considered. Example, if I have a 10am scheduled for 30 min and a job 1 hr from that location scheduled at 11am, I need to know that there is a conflict, or at least need to see the total time of job A to better plan for job B.
-Pricing, starting off I don't feel comfortable dishing out more than $100 a month for a tool, this isn't exactly firm depending on the features. Many have great pricing methods, like Workiz (45 user, but 5 user min), and Jobber (starts at 50 I believe, great)

A final note about some tools I have looked at and what worries me about them...
-Workiz, while this tool seems to tick many of the boxes, unfortunately $245 is a bit steep for me. Also it does not have offline support
-Jobber, this does seem to have a map view, but it also just draws a literally line, it does not actually map it like Google maps or something like...
-Geopointe, this has the absolute exact type of mapping I am looking for, but seems to lack most of the other things needed.

Any fingers in the right direction is greatly appreciated.