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FIXED Finally fixed! DW80F600UTS over-level water error


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Apr 21, 2021
Ontario Canada
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6-10 years
So our Samsung DW80F600UTS dishwasher started giving code "Smart Auto & Heavy" Over-level water code.

-Googling around I found instructions that the water sensor is faulty and to replace the "Assy Case Brake" also referred to in one photo as the "Ass Case Brake". Not sure who came up with the name of this part, but the "Water Sensor" is simply two connector pins that get immersed in water and the controller board reads the electrical conduction of the water. I cleaned the corrosion from the pins. I also cleaned the Assy Case Brake with CLR to remove the bit of iron staining (we are on a well), but alas no joy... same error.

-Then I noticed a reference to a "Drain Check Valve". Bingo, the valve flapper is missing. Samsung part is $45Cdn plus shipping for a piece of molded rubber! Found a guy on-line who 3d prints them for $10 + $2 for shipping. Installed it and ran the machine. After about 90 minutes it quit and was flashing the same code... no joy.
- Then I thought, where is the missing flapper from the Drain Check Valve. Tore the machine apart again and found the missing flapper stuck in the outlet hose of the drain pump!! So reassemble the machine and run it... SUCCESS! It works!! JOY

On the 3rd washing, NO JOY same error code... So we contemplated buying a new machine, or just wash the dishes by hand.

-So after a week, I decided to tear the machine down again. I spent 45+ years troubleshooting electronics and this thing wasn't going to defeat me!! I removed every hose and made sure there wasn't any blockage. I did find there is another "drain check valve" in the outlet hose of the pump. There is no mention of this valve anywhere... you can't even see it because of a molded 45 & 90 degree angles in the hose. Anyway, I did finally find a blockage of slimy food particles in a "J" shaped black rubber hose that goes from the sump beside the water heater element and to the bottom of the "Assy Case Brake" below the "Water sensor" probes. Cleaned that hose and put it all back together...

SUCCESS!!! it washes dishes again!!

So the moral of the story is:
-Check the "Drain Check Valve" in the sump. Seems these fail quite often and there are lots of sources for them on the internet. PN- DD66-00045A
-Clean the Assy Case Brake using CLR to remove calcium and iron deposits if any. Make sure the water wheel inside turns freely (measures incoming water)
-Clean the hoses periodically (and the entire sump) to remove the build-up of food particles.

Hope this helps someone else.

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