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[FIXED] Maytag oven not working


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Sep 14, 2008
I have a Maytag freestanding gas oven - model number MGR1411BDW. The gas burners work on top, but the oven/broiler doesn't work. the ignitor appears to be working fine (glowing). Is it the thermostat? thanks, Ross
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Please double check that model# again, that one doesn't pull-up as good.

Thats an unusual problem, usually both the broil and bake won't go bad at the same time.

Check on your gas valve, on some models there is a little gas shut-off lever, that may have closed somehow.

Hi Jake, thanks for the response. I just double checked the model number and it is - Model: MGR4411BDW, Serial: 11878505AC.

I put the broiler on for 20 minutes and it got luke warm, so it is not completely out. Any ideas?

Thanks, Ross
Ok, thanks that model# came up as good.

Ok, on your model you bake igniter is also used for broil, because you have the broiler drawer underneath your oven.

9 times out 10 its the oven glow bar igniter that causes this issue.

Here's the oven glow bar igniter for your model you can order:
Manufacturer's Number: 74007498


If you purchase parts from our links here and you install them and it doesn't fix the problem, you have a 30 day full refund when you return them.

Just remove the bottom panel from inside your oven, then undo the wing nut#17 and take off your burner baffle#7 here:

Then remove the screws holding your oven igniter#14 and disconnect it from the plastic connector plug at the end, you will have to remove your broiler drawer to unsnap it from underneath.

Unplug your range first before servicing!

Ok, sounds good Ross, let me know how it goes.

Excellent Ross, good job fixing it.:)


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