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[FIXED] Thermador indoor grill won't light


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Aug 6, 2006
Johnsburg, IL
Model Number
I have a Thermador ( Waste King ) Indoor BBQ Grill that won't light / no spark. It is a model # CGEI29 , with serial # 8405020 . I'm looking to start by replacing the ignitor or pilot electrode and the spark switch . The switch still seems to be available from Thermador and elsewhere, P/N 08-00-126 Spark Switch in their diagram as P/N 414557 in their online store.

However, the electrode does not show as available anymore. They have P/N 08-00-127 in their diagram, but I cannot find a source for this anywhere. Also, worst case, I may need to replace the ignition module; their P/N 08-03-751 .

Further information, the ignitor circuit schematic references Char Glo.

Any help with locating the electrode and igntion module (if needed) would be appreciated. I have not ordered the switch, yet, as I'd prefer to order the parts I need all from one source, if possible.

So I did some more digging and learned that Thermador was bought by Bosch back in 1998 (news to me). There is a Bosch P/N 414593 for a pilot electrode, however, I cannot find a picture of it anywhere online to compare it to my part.
Thank-you for the link to the item# and picture! I'll compare it to what's on my grill tonight!

In the meantime, I've gone ahead and ordered the spark switch (it was ~$15...~$21 shipped), so it was worth a first try.
Ok, sounds good.:)

Yup Karl,

It says out-of-stock, but at least its there.:)

So, the switch is ordered and I would think it would be here next week. In the meantime, I took the cover off the grill and put an ohmmeter on the old switch. Sure enough, through the whole rotation range there is no sign of a point of continuity. That discovered, hopefully replacing this switch will be all I need to do to get our grill back up and running! I'll post the results next week.
Yup, sounds like that will fix it.:)

Yes, keep us posted.

I had the thought last night to jumper the switch and try and light the grill. Gave it a try and the electrode started firing and the pilot light lit. However, I was unable to get the rest of the burners to fire, either at High or Low flame.

It's been a while since I've been in this grill, so I also noticed that the grate that holds the pumice or lava rock is warped. I took a look for additional parts at RepairClinic.com, and the grate and a lot of the burner parts are NLA.

I'll try to clean up what I have as best I can and see if I can get the burners working. I think I have a relative who can help find an appropriate replacement grate. We'll see...
Ok, keep us posted.

The new spark switch arrived today, so I thought I'd dive back into the repair of the grill tonight. I had removed the old pumice stone and the grate previously, so I decided to vaccuum the interior a bit and take out the old burners and blow them clear with some compressed air.

I reinstalled the burners and then installed the new spark switch (the connections were only at the switch, new wires did not have to be run down to the ignition module). Then I fired up the grill again, and only the pilot light lit. I decided to wait a while (I turned the exhaust fan on, too), and after about 30s the left burner (closest to the pilot light) started to momentarily light. It pulsed like that for a bit, and then I used a lighter to see if I could get the right burner to light - which it did! The pulsing of the flame continued for several more minutes, but then began to settle down.

I left the grill running for about a 1/2hr. all together, and at the end the flame was steady, whether at the high or low setting, without any more pulsing. Maybe everything just needed to get worked out (it had been at least 5 years since we used the grill).

So, Winter Bar-b-Cue-ing, here we come! Thanks for your help!
Sounds like you got it working, good job.:)


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