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FIXED: Vintage (1963?) Tappan Oven Not Working - Help Please


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Mar 7, 2018
Model Number
EOK 1110
Model Number: EOK 1110
Brand: Tappan
Age: More than 10 years


I am new to this forum having just bought a immaculately maintained 1963 ranch with one exception - my beautiful oven doesn't work. I am hoping someone on this forum can give me some tips/ suggestions. I am assuming that the electrical is working as both the internal and external lights work. I am relatively handy and would very much like to keep this oven in the home and use it.

Grateful for any information shared and thanks very much in advance!

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Both elements are out with no heat?

My whole range/oven is dead ( or just the lights are working ):

You must check the main power wires where they enter the range at the T-block, sometimes they can burn off. Also check house fuses ( or breaker ) that supplies power to the range. Checking with a volt meter, you should get 240 volts between the black and red main power wires.
Things to check - The screw in fuses, they are usually the 30 amp fuses for the oven 9 not all with have these ). Next is the clock assembly, often these clocks will have the words "push for manual" or "turn for manual", this will put the clock back into the normal operating mode rather than the automatic mode. Next, you may have to remove the power and check for any burnt wires. If all checks ok, you will have to test the selector switch and oven control.

Hi Jeff - Thank you so much! Yes, both elements are without heat. The things to check list is just what I was looking for. I took close up pictures of the clock and of the dials and have included them because I am not sure that this oven had a automatic mode given there is no indication that there is an option for manual on the dials. The dial on the left (with meat and internal temp) just spins as if it is not attached in the back. Perhaps I am missing something... but I am off to get the volt meter now :)

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Try turning the cooking hours button around to see if "MAN" "man" "Man" is there for a manual setting. Also turn the start time until you hear a click noise.


Hi Jeff:

You are a ROCKSTAR!!! The flipping to manual worked as did fixing the clock (the little space @ the 12 position goes from red to black indicating I can cook)!! And presently, my oven is working on some chocolate croissants :).

I really can't thank you enough!!

Warmest regards,
Happy we could help, thank for the update.


p.s. how much would it cost to mail some chocolate croissants to Ontario???? ;)

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