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Found this blog by accident


Nov 21, 2011
Lake Zurich, Il
Found this blog by accident, while trying to figure out how what might be wrong with my GE Arctica refrigerator. My famliy and I have lived with for the past couple of years with the refrigerator temps constantly at or near freezing (32 to 33 degrees). Newly bought vegetables and fruits would consistently freeze causing alot of irritation and wasted food. After finding this site and reading the various comments and scenarios I suspected the damper door was broken. Using the links provided from one of the various threads I easily found a replacement part for the suspected faulty part, ordered it, and recieved it the next day. Using the advice and experiences from other posters and expert opinions, I was able to easily remove the suspected faulty part and yes, it was broken just as I expected. The damper door had broken off its motor which meant the freezing air from the freezer was pretty much flowing freely into the refrigerator. I then replaced the broken damper unit with relative ease. The whole repair process took less than 40 minutes. I am proud to say that since replacement my temps have remained steady at 0 and 37, fantastic! I can't even imagine how much money it would have cost to have a repairman and do the work, but I 'm pretty sure the $114 ($107 for the part- plus $7 shipping) I spent on the part was considerably less. A gigantic thanks to all on this forum!

all the best,
Excellent av, good job.:)


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