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FPBC2278UF7 Frigidaire refrigerator, all three solenoids activating when 1 calls for water


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Dec 4, 2015
British Columbia
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1-5 years
Frigidaire FPBC2278UF7 refrigerator, started with the lower freezer ice maker not working. Changed the ice maker and it will make ice, but every time it calls to fill up the ice tray, it also sends water out of the water dispenser on the front (90% of the time) and I am pretty sure it's adding a bit of water to the top ice maker as well. I also noticed, if I use the water dispenser on the front, it also fills the ice makers. The parts I have changed are the lower ice maker, and the water valve assembly at the back. Feels like an odd wiring issue to the solenoids, but by visual inspection, that all looks fine. I also can't find the wire harness for the solenoids on any diagram. Any suggestions? Anyone seen this odd behavior before?
Some models have a diode in the wiring harness before the water inlet valve.

If the diode fails it will cause this issue as well.

Pull your refrigerator out from the wall, then unplug the refrigerator, and remove the lower back access panel and check your wiring harness to the water inlet valve and see if yours has a diode in that black sealed heat sink wrap you see in the photo below.

Here it is:
Will that work for quad valve that is on the fridge? Better to buy the wire harness that is back there? Can you visibly tell if the diode is bad?
That I don't know, I don't have the wiring diagram for this model. I don't see that wire harness part on your model.

Can you visibly tell if the diode is bad?
You'd need a diode tester, like I mentioned here:

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