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FPEF3081KFF Frigidaire Electric Oven Slow to Preheat after Self Clean


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Jan 31, 2021
Boston, MA
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6-10 years
I recently ran a self-clean on my oven. It now takes a very long time to preheat (30+ mins to get to 350). The broiler also does not work.

What could be causing this?
The broil element (as well as the convection element and fan) also come on during preheat to help get the oven up to temperature more quickly. If the broil element doesn't come on even when set to broil, I'd suggest testing the broil element first.

LINK > FPEF3081KFF Broil Element

LINK > How do I test an electric stove element?

LINK > How do I replace an oven element?

There doesn't appear to be any thermostats or cut outs in the wiring to the broil element to stop it so if it never works, it's either the element is defective or the range's electronic control is malfunctioning IMO.

LINK > FPEF3081KFF Electronic Control

Dan O.
Dan O. - Thanks. Tested the broil element with my multi meter and it seems fine. Doesn't seem worth my money to replace the electronic control without knowing it will for sure fix the issue... would you agree?
without knowing it will for sure fix the issue...

Someone could check the broil element connections right at the control in case it's a wiring problem but I think that fairly unlikely.

Have you tried cycling power to the range? You never know, a misbehaving electronic control might reset.

The price of that control is almost double what expensive ones usually cost. It's probably because it looks responsible for the surface elements as well. I would question putting that much money into it.

If you look for a replacement range, for longevity's sake I suggest you look at as simple as possible.


Dan O.

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