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FIXED FPGF3077QFB Frigidaire gas range slow to warm up


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Oct 13, 2022
Ontario, Canada
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6-10 years
Hi there, I am hoping someone may be able to assist me to figure why my Frigidaire gas oven is taking a while to heat up.

The pre heat light seems to light up most times on bake but lately the oven is taking over an hour to pre heat to 400 and up, convection bake seems to heat up to those temps in about 30mins but there are some days while using it the temp doesn't seem to be consistent.

When turning the oven on there is definitely gas flow as it can be smelt for about a minute or so until it has been lit. Ive taken the lower trim in the oven out to look at the ignitor while turning the oven on and it seems to glow when turning the oven on bake.

Is there anything i should be checking first or any tips from similar issues with this brand. Any advise is greatly appreciated thanks

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When turning the oven on there is definitely gas flow as it can be smelt for about a minute or so until it has been lit.

Gas shouldn't be released until the ignitor is hot enough to ignite the gas. If the gas is taking too long to ignite, the ignitor is likely 'weak' with age and likely needs to be replaced. And yes, an ignitor can glow and still be defective.

These links are pertinent to your message. They were supplied by this message author.

LINK > FPGF3077QFB Bake Ignitor # 316489403

The only way to confirm its failure would be to check the amperage draw of the ignitor circuit. It should draw 3.2 - 3.6 amps to open the gas valve and ignite the gas in under a minute. If it is only drawing marginal amperage it can cause your symptoms.

You can read how a 'hot surface' ignition system works at the following link:

LINK > Appliance411 FAQ : Understanding Gas Oven Ignition Systems

Dan O.
This diagram is from Rick

Testing an oven Ignitor
ignitor amperage 2.jpg


Dan O.
So i was unable to find the oven safety valve in an accessible location for my meter and got an ignitor. So i installed the ignitor and the oven lights in 30 seconds and heats to 400 in about 10 mins

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