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FPGH3077RFC intermittently working on bake


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Jan 9, 2020
Green Bay WI
Model Number
1-5 years
LP gas range. Has recently been intermittently working on bake. It appears broil and convection bake work. Gas range top works fine. I ran it through a clean cycle. I can see what appears to be flames below the bottom plate in the oven through the cracks but it just doesn't consistently heat up on bake. I also hear a buzzing sound coming from the rear of the oven once it has been used for a while and gets hot. The internal convection fan is moving fine when this happens. Is there a separate fan I need to check?

1. Oven only works intermittently on bake
2. Is there a second fan that I need to check that's causing a buzzing sound?
When you first turn the oven on BAKE 350 the oven bake ignitor glow bar will glow orange for 45 to 60 seconds, then the gas should fire within that 45 to 60 second range, is the gas firing within 45 to 60 seconds? or is it taking longer than 60 seconds for the gas to fire?

When you first turn BAKE ON 350 start your timing it, then when the gas lights stop timing it and that will give you the total time, it should NOT go over 60 seconds TOTAL TIME.:)

So what your doing is timing how long it takes to light the gas flame.

Here's the bake ignitor for your model, if needed:
Igniter 139013700

Is there a second fan that I need to check that's causing a buzzing sound?
Yes, you have 3 motors: Parts for Frigidaire FPGH3077RFC: Body Parts
#125 is the convection motor
#108 is the cooling motor
#89 is the door latch motor

If the convection fan motor is running and buzzing then its either loose of the bearing is starting to go bad on it.

1. ill time it. its intermittent
2.def not the convection fan. I'm sure its the cooling fan. do you happen to have a link to a video of swapping a cooling fan motor?
Here's the cooling fan motor #108: Motor Assembly 807123002

I couldn't locate a video to replace it, sorry.

You can ask AppliancePartsPros and see if they have the service manual that will show you how.

Yes, do what I mentioned in post #2 and see if it lights the flame within 60 seconds from when you first start the oven.

You mean it will glow orange but won't light?

They get weak over time. The igniter needs to draw 3.2 to 3.6 amps to open the oven safety valve.

You can use an amp meter or amp probe on one of the igniter wires to check for 3.2 - 3.6 amps.
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