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FPHC2398LF4 - sometimes water dispenser doesn’t stop, sometimes it does


Jun 25, 2019
Sherman Oaks
Model Number
1-5 years
This has been an ongoing issue that is due for a fix. Here is what happens.

1. Put a cup under the dispenser
2. If water not selected, Select water (we don’t use the ice maker because it’s kinda weird and sometimes cubes stick and melt out the front, so this usually already selected), else proceed to step three.
3. Push cup back to dispense water
4. Water dispenses, not a problem, although sometimes it is slow to start ~1-1.5s sometimes.
5. Remove cup, releasing the toggle/plate
*fault* - removing the cup does not stop the water. Repeat steps 3-5 until it does stop. Sometimes it stops on it’s own, sometimes the cup over flows and makes a mess.

Ok so that’s about how things pan out with this fridge.
I’ve read a few posts here regarding a similar issue with other models, and from what I can tell, it is a valve or board issue. Those assumptions are specific to the models discussed in to their threads.

Does anyone know of, or have, a suggestion and/or order of repair? Hopefully parts and repairs starting with lowest cost first. Assuming it’s the valve, that seems to bee first place to look as the boards run between $127-$150 USD.

Many thanks in advanced.



Appliance Tech - Moderator
Staff member
Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
Remove the mounting screws for the water valve so you can maneuver it around. Remove just the water line going to the dispenser (under the yellow coil) from the water valve and hold it over a pail. Press the lever on the dispenser several times. The water should stop immediately when you release the lever. If it doesn't stop immediately connect your meter to the yellow coil. When you press the lever the meter should indicate 120 VAC. When you release the lever the voltage should go to 0 VAC. If the voltage is 0V and water is still coming out of the water valve, replace the water valve. If the voltage remains at 120 VAC for several seconds after you release the lever replace the dispenser module: