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FIXED Frigidaire Affinity Washing Machine FAFS4272LW0 water remaining in tub


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May 29, 2021
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More than 10 years
My wife has informed me that occasionally at the end of the wash cycle, the clothes are sopping wet with a small amount of water remaining in the tub. She said that after this happens, she normally runs a spin only cycle and it finishes up normally. She had just started a spin only cycle and I observed it for a while. It seemed to do some short tumble/slow spin cycles and then went into the high speed spin and the timer started decrementing. Any ideas as to what the cause may be? I replaced (4) shocks and (1) broken spring a couple of years ago. Thanks.
It doesn't sound like its draining fast enough. You may have a semi-clog in it preventing the water to drain fast enough, thus it won't spin properly on your first cycle.

What I do is pull the drain hose up from the standpipe and watch how fast the water drains out, it should drain out very fast with lots of water pressure coming out the drain hose and all the water should drain within 90 seconds.

I'd do that first and see what happens.

Here's the drain pump for your model(Video Included):
137240800 Pump-Water
Well, after reading the sticky about the door latch mechanism, I decided to order a new one from Amazon ($22) and see if that makes any difference. Much less expensive and easier than the pump. I received it today and it only took 5 minutes to install it. Looks exactly like the one that was in there, which I had replaced in 2016 (can't remember what the symptoms were at that time). I'll report back in few days with the results.
Ok, sounds good, let us know how it goes.

Just becareful ordering parts from amazon, we see lots of problems with parts from there, they may work for a short time, then quit again.

Here's the OEM door lock switch assembly for your model:
Door Switch 131763256
So far so good, according to my wife.

As far as Amazon parts are concerned, I've always held the belief that they all come from a single source, and the appliance manufacturers just put an exorbitant mark up on them. In looking at this particular latch assembly, and it's complexity, I find it hard to believe that more than one supplier could afford the cost of getting tooled up to manufacture it. I could certainly be totally wrong and your actual experience in the field may indicate otherwise. I just find it difficult to pay $79 + shipping for a part that I can get from Amazon for $22 + free shipping and have it in two days.
So far so good, according to my wife.
Sounds good, thanks for the update.(y)

I understand what you mean about the price difference, as techs doing appliance repairs daily for over 35 years we always order the OEM parts from OEM authorized appliance parts dealers like AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic, which Always has a 365 day warranty on ALL parts.

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