Frigidaire. Best thing that ever happened to the food industry.

Jan 16, 2015
That is... if you own a supermarket. Frigidaire refrigirators will keep you quite busy shopping for food to replace the lost groceries do to some malfunction or the other.

Not more than 3 years ago we bought 4 piece appliance set from f.a. This set included the frigidaire gallery refrigerator. It stopped working within 2 months of purchase (would not cool) and after numerous attempts at repair by Mr. Appliance (who also enjoy the plentiful bounties of business that frigidaire affords them), the complete loss of a couple fridges full of food (not reimbursed), frigidaire agreed to replace the oversized junkpile with a "new" fridge. Similar and different problems began to surface on the 2nd fridge within 3 months of purchase, from bad sensors, bad mother boards , defective defrosters, etc., you name it it broke. It has broken down every single thanksgiving and 1 christmas aside from the regular breakdowns during peak summer months. More food loss. More Mr. Appliance visits.

3 years after the purchase of the 4 piece set, we have had to replace the microwave (didnt get warranty because... well because its a microwave! never saw one break before), and have had several visits from Mr. Appliance to work on the junky dish washer as well.

At this very moment our trusty ol' frigidaire gallery is sitting at 15c freezer, 51c fridge. However this is an improvement over last week where the machine registered false readings at 0c/33c (the temp. sensor was malfunctioning). By the time we realized the temp readings were bogus, we had already lost most of the dairy products. Thankfully no-one got seriously ill. The remaining food is now sitting outside on our back porch to keep it cool while Mr. Appliance waits on the parts required to "fix" it. The parts will arrive sometime next week. Calling frigidaire and speaking with one of the many mindless drones who work their phones only helps to increase frustration.

This is Mr. Appliances 17th visit to our home in 3 years, mostly for fridge issues.

I hope that somewhere out there, this message serves as a warning to some unsuspecting soul. Avoid buying frigidaire like you would the ebola virus (which incidentally would incubate nicely in the pro-disease environment our appliance provides).
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