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Frigidaire BGGF3042KF takes 30 minutes to preheat


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Jan 23, 2023
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6-10 years
A while ago it would take a long time to preheat and would also smell a little gas. Everything I read said to replace the igniter so I did. Gas smell went away, but still long to preheat. Now it would beep after about five minutes of setting the bake temperature saying it was good to go and it was barely 100 degrees ( i have an analog thermometer in the oven). I then read to replace the thermostat so I did and it did not fix the problem. I then read to re-calibrate so I did that as well. No difference.
Now am I faced with replacing the expensive control board or could it be something else? Not sure if I want invest another $100+ in a 7 year old gas range.
I then read to replace the thermostat

What thermostat? The oven temperature sensor??

If the oven temperature is reading incorrectly and the oven temperature sensor has been replaced and didn't correct the condition, there isn't much else it can be besides the electronic control.

LINK > BGGF3042KF Electronic Control


Dan O.
Thanks for the advice. I just replaced the control board and still having the same issue so I am stumped. I also checked the ohms on the new temp sensor i installed a few weeks ago since I had all the back panels off and it read 1085, which I assume is close enough to 1100 (read multiple postings how it should be around 1100 at room temp).

I turn the oven on, set it at 350 and then about four minutes later it beeps saying the preheat is done, but the analog thermometer I had inside the oven only read about 150 degrees. I closed the door, waited about 15 minutes and then it read just under 350. I guess I can live with it since it eventually got to the set temp, but I would like to figure out why it beeped only after a few minutes.
multiple postings how it should be around 1100 at room temp

Yes, but what is it measuring when the condition is present? Its resistance changes with temperature although a new sensor acting the same as the old one likely rules it out.

There is also a possibility of a short in the wiring to the sensor. Measuring its resistance right where it connects to the control might be needed to rule out that possibility.

I can't think of anything else that could cause it. Sorry.

Dan O.

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