Frigidaire Can't Fix My Range Top


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Mar 17, 2022
Stone Mountain, GA
I installed a new Frigidaire FPEC3077RF Range Top on 12/26/21. It hasn't worked properly since day one. First, it was a safety issue. The HOT Surface light did not work. I called Frigidaire warranty service and set up an appointment for 1/5/22. The repairman did not show up on that day or the next day even though I called him and left a message. I then had an appointment set up for 1/12/22. The Electrolux repairman came out and spent about 2 hours looking at the unit and talking on the phone with another tech. He ordered some parts and said he would come back and install them.

TWO repair techs showed up on 1/24/22. They worked about 2 hours, again talking with other personnel on the phone. When they left, two of the five surface units no longer worked! Now only three units worked.

One of the techs came back on 1/25/22. Worked some more and talked with more techs on the phone. He said that it needed a new switch and would order it. Found out later that it was on back order. I finally received the switch on 3/8/22, over a month later.

On 1/30/22, I saw a large flame under the dark glass surface plate, accompanied with a loud noise. I immediately turned it off and flipped the circuit breaker. I called Frigidaire and they advised not using the range top.

I finally was able to get my two favorite Electrolux techs back out on 3/17/22. They did not even install the switch that I received on 3/8/22. They took some pictures and talked a lot on the phone outside my house.

They said that the "higher ups" would have to consider the case and would let me know if they would replace the range top or send out a "master tech" to repair it, but it would take a few days to reach a decision.

I have serious doubts that the Electgrolux techs have the ability to make the necessary repairs. Every time they come out and leave, the range top is in worse condition. This is a simple range top. It has no internal electronics. It's just switches, heating elements and some neon indicator bulbs.

One big problem is that I can find no way at all to escalate my problems. No one will give you a superior's name and phone number. Does any one have any recommendations as to how to remedy this situation? If you think I'm an unhappy camper, you should talk to my wife. Going on 3 months without a working range is a definite inconvenience and problem.

I do keep a fire extinguisher next to the range top even though the circuit breaker is thrown.
I do not have phone numbers of any higher-ups. Maybe someone else will offer one. I personally suggest you contact the selling dealer and either get them to replace it or put a fire under the manufacturer.


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