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Frigidaire CPCS389EC6 Oven Temp Problems


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Jan 8, 2020
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6-10 years

I am trying to fix my Mom's Frigidaire CPCS389EC6 oven. It has been giving her problems with the temperature for awhile now.

Recently we tried a self-cleaning and got an F30 error. I measured the restistance of the temperature probe and got about 1080 to 1090 ohms at room temperature. I tested the resistance starting from the probe itself to the wiring at the control panel. The wiring is good. There is no short to the surrounding metal.

Could the probe be on the verge of failing?

The lower oven element is seriously warped from front to back--it dips in the middle and raised a couple of inches either end. The warp is keeping the bottom plate from sitting correctly on the bottom of the oven. I will be replacing that.

I did some testing of the oven temperature with an analog thermometer (temps in degrees F). The temperatures on Bake seem inaccurate but better on Convection Bake. The temps seem to have a difference greater than what the oven can correct for (+/- 32 degrees I think).

With Bake set to 300 the temperature got to a high of about 312 on the first swing. The temperature then slowly dipped to a low of 250 and settled at about 275.

With Bake set to 450 the temperature got to a high of 400 then, dipped to about 387 and returned to 400.

With Bake set to 550 the temperature got to a high of 470, stopped there, and got no hotter.

On Convection Bake set to 400 I got a high of 387 and a low of 360 and a return to a high of 370.

On Convection Bake set to 525 I got a high of 480 and the temperature seemed to hold steady after that at 475.

Please help me figure this out. Thanks!
The part you need is the control board (ERC) Unfortunately, it's been discontinued and is no longer available.
Thanks for the response Rick. I was hoping it wasn't the control board as I noticed they weren't in stock on different sites. Hope you have a great day.

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