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Frigidaire Dishwasher FGHD2465NF1A wash arms dont spin.


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Aug 21, 2022
York pa
Model Number
6-10 years
My 2012 model Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher has suddenly stopped cleaning the dishes properly. I noticed the wash arms are not all turning. I have tried several things so far

I've cleaned all the filters and reinstalled them.
I've taken the filters screens out and removed the cover on the circulation pump and verified water is entering on fill and the pump is moving water in the sump with that cover off. I cleaned all the parts in the sink and re assembled everything. Checked the wash arms for blockage, found nothing.
Before I took it apart and reassembled it water would come out of all 3 levels but the arms would not rotate. Now I'm seeing the round orbit clean part of the bottom wash arm rotate and spray but the entire arm doesn't. the mid and top wash arms water just runs out they do not turn.

What else is there that I can check? Possibly the fill level isn't enough, maybe?

Corrected model number
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So what I would start with since I cannot myself see the water levels in the dishwasher is try manually adding water to the machine after its filled and washing. You don't obviously want it overloading but you do what to make sure there is a sufficient amount of water present. If the wash motor barely washes still got yourself a bad wash motor. Let me know otherwise.
How much water is actually supposed to be in there? The water level on fill doesn't reach the bottom of the heating element ring but covers the filter screen.
I will try to add more water and see what happens.
I know when I checked the circulation pump it did turn and did move water. I would not say the pump impeller spun freely. There was a little resistance there.
OK I added about a 2 quart pitcher of water to bring it up to close to the bottom of the door.
What I'm seeing is on the lower wash arm the circular orbit clean bit is spinning in one place. The entire wash arm fails to rotate.
The motor sounds like it changes direction then I was able to see the wash arm under the top rack rotate some.
Other than that I'm seeing water flow from all the wash arms but they are not moving as they should.
One thing before we conclude a defective motor, pull the wash arm off and check if you see food in some of the holes. If you do replace the wash arm I've seen this cause the wash arms to not circulate appropriately.
I pulled the bottom arm and checked it for food clogging twice already and found all the holes open. I just pulled the middle and top arms and found nothing in those either. So I suppose now I'm down to a worn out circulation pump and will need to find a part #, price and decide if it's worth investing in the repairs or to replace.
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Your model number FGHD2465LF1A is not pulling up as good, please recheck it, this is the closet I get to it--->FGHD2465NF1A

If your model number is FGHD2465NF1A this is the one for yours:
Circulation Pump 5304526748

Yes that is a miss type. It's N not L. That part is only the pump correct? The two o rings are or are not included?

Considering the age of the machine and the lower rack soon needs replaced that might put me at half of it's cost when new.
Unfortunately ill have to consider carefully if it's worth it to repair vs replace.
Thanks for clarifying your model number.:)

You are correct, it doesn't come with the O'rings.

Here's your parts diagram:
#59 and #59A are the O'rings.

Considering the age of the machine and the lower rack soon needs replaced that might put me at half of it's cost when new.
Unfortunately ill have to consider carefully if it's worth it to repair vs replace.
Yes, I agree, when the repair parts get more than half the price of a new dishwasher, its usually better to save the repair money for a new dishwasher.

Well the problem is solved. Not by repair but solved.
I went to Lowe's yesterday evening after work with the truck and brought home an LG DISHWASHER for $599 on sale. Got it all installed tonight. It's a little quieter than the old one and has a full stainless steel tub. So we got a bit of an upgrade too.
Sounds good, thanks for the update!


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