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Frigidaire Dishwasher FGID2468UD leaking

Apr 3, 2022
I'm not clear how the spray arm could cause a leak at the door--the bottom door and tub seal gaskets are supposed to prevent that.

I have model FGID2468UD, basically the same, I believe. Started leaking from the bottom of the door after 15 months. Original gaskets were in place as originally installed. Frigidaire's authorized dealer that sold it to me and installed it previously advised against buying an extended warranty (they said not worth it, since machine was not very expensive), then gave me a half-price service call to check it. The tech said the machine wasn't level, though his company installed it; he leveled it and it still leaked. He came back and wanted over $300-- twice the price of the extended warranty and about half the cost of a new machine--to replace the tub and door gaskets. The lower spray arm has started making a regular thudding noise, like a drum beat, but no visible cracks or other reason I see for it. The tech said it is normal, but I had the machine for a year+ and it never made that noise before.

I ordered gaskets for under $60, and replaced them in less than 15 minutes (old gaskets looked fine). Still leaked. I finally took the door cover off, and saw that the bottom door gasket does not make a tight seal with the tub for about 3 inches on the left end. Running a rinse cycle, I saw that every time the lower spray arm directs spray toward the door, water shoots out under the gasket at that end and sprayed me, and would hit the inside of the door cover if attached. The seal is visibly tighter all the way across otherwise. Water also comes out of the 6 holes in the plastic pat of the gasket. It seems the tub was manufactured poorly, and/or the gasket was poorly designed. I took the old tub gasket and placed it loosely in the trough behind the bottom seal in the door, and it blocked water from shooting out to the door cover-- no more leaking with the cover on. Why the leaks started after over a year I don't understand.
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