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Frigidaire Dryer FAQG7011KW0 control board choice


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Mar 10, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
I need to get a new control board for my Frigidaire gas dryer. The manufacturer's part # for the control board is 137070840. Now the manufacturer is replacing this part with part # 137070840NH. I wonder if the new control board 137070840NH has a better quality than the control board inside part # 137070840. We have been replacing part # 137070840 every three or four years, which makes one think the lifespan of the part is too short in general. So this time maybe we should try part # 137070840NH. Any suggestion or thought on this would be appreciated.
That's a good question, but I don't know if its better quality or not, I have not replaced this newer one as of yet on any of my customers machines. Hopefully another tech. or member that has can answer that.

Here's the electronic control for your model:
Thanks Jake. Does it sound normal to you if a dryer control board lasts only three or four years? My dryer is 10 years old. But we have replaced the control board twice, now it is having the same symptoms (lights on the control panel come up by itself showing the previous setting). We only use the dryer about once a month or even less. Do you think something else could be wrong and are causing the control board's behavior? Could it be the Thermistor? Thanks for your input.
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I've replaced many of these control boards, and I don't remember replacing one twice, but its not out of the question. If you live in a area with more power outages you can get power surges/power spikes that take a toll on ALL electronic control boards.

I always recommend whole home surge protectors, Surges do damage by hunting for earth ground destructively via appliances. A surge connected to earth by a 'whole house' protector doesn't go hunting for earth destructive via any appliance.

My whole home surge protector is outside where the main electric meter and breaker box are located, it sends the surge directly to earth ground outside before it comes into the house.
Jake, thank you for sharing the information.
I saw Home Depot sells a whole home surge protector for $99. Would that be good enough?Amazon has one for $249.
You'd need to have a licensed electrician in your area install it for you, they will recommend which one to get.

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