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Frigidaire Electrolux Side by Side Refrigerator freezing all the food


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Apr 30, 2015
Dallas, TX
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The main control board on the front on the freezer side is indicating the refrigerator is fluctuating between 40 up to 57*F. At 40*F of course it should be fine, but the freezer side is indicating it's at -15*F when the refrigerator side is at a normal temperature. When the fridge is up to about 57*F the freezer is showing at 0*F - 4*F, which of course would be fine, if the fridge weren't the temp of a nice fall day outside. I'm inclined to disbelieve this of course, because my gallon of milk is a solid block of ice. I do not have a freezer thermometer to check temperatures, but I did shoot the walls with a IR laser thermometer, after having unplugged the refrigerator for a few hours, hoping it would recalibrate or something or another. Once I plugged it back in, the thermostat on the control panel read 23 in the freezer and 76 in the fridge. 76*F was the approximate temperature inside the house at the time, but the inside of the refrigerator with the IR thermometer read about 43* at coldest spots and no higher than 49* at warmest. I believe its most likely the thermistor sensor. I've witnessed the damper door actuating open and closed, so I know that it is not stuck. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Which one of these UI looks like yours? Any error codes?
Frigidaire IQ and Wave.jpeg
It's actually neither of those interfaces for the Main Control Board. It also shows no error codes. I even took off the thermistor sensor and it still shows a temperature on the panel. Not to say that it's accurate. Here's an image of the interface I have on my particular model fridge.

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