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Frigidaire FDBC2250SS0 Ice Maker Freezing


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Nov 18, 2022
Woodstock, GA
Model Number
1-5 years
I have the Frigidaire french door refrigerator that was installed in July of 2018 and keep having issues with the ice maker freezing and stopping. I replaced the seals a couple of times but that only lasted about six months. So I installed the air handler kit 5303918784 which had a much better rubber seal that was supposed to be the permanent fix. With less than two months after installing the new handler, it froze up with more ice build up than I've ever seen before. I'm wondering if the defroster on the coil isn't working but am not sure. Am I just wasting my time an money on this thing or has anyone actually had a long term fix for this ice maker? Suggestions are appreciated.

Its either a bad defrost thermostat or bad defrost heater.

Disconnect power to the refrigerator before accessing/ohm testing these parts.

Here's the defrost thermostat for your model you can order if yours ohm tests bad:
Defrost Thermostat 5303918568

Watch this video:
Leave it in the ice water for at least 5 minutes before ohm testing it.

Here's the defrost heater for your model if yours ohm tests bad:
Defrost Heater Assembly 242094802

When you click the part link to the defrost heater you will see videos on how to ohm test the defrost heater and how to access/replace it. The video will also show you how to remove that air handler.:)

Also, Do you hear your ice maker fan motor running?

I'm attaching your tech data sheet below, do TEST 57C that will activate the ice maker fan motor. Let us know if it runs or not.

Here's the ice maker fan motor for your model:
Cooling Fan 5304493604

Let us know what you find.


  • FDBC2250SS0.pdf
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The fan is running fine. Just major ice build up on the coils and the metal surround part that came with the new handler. I had to thaw it with a hair dryer for a bit just to remove the part that holds the fan and auger motor.
Ok good, So its either the defrost thermostat or defrost heater.

Here's another member that had this similar problem:
Thanks, the pic in that post is how mine looked the other day. I'll probably just replace both the thermostat and heater to be safe. It's in a rental cabin an hour away from me so not worth the gas running back and forth to test.

Just very frustrating having to continually buy parts to keep applianes (issues with the range too) that are barely four years old running. At least I can do the repairs myself. Frigidaire sucks!
Yes, I agree with you!

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