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Frigidaire FFAD5033R10 dehumidifier reads low humidity level


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May 17, 2023
Hello new member here. I have a seven year old dehumidifier that is only used during the summer months. Last year I noticed that the humidity levels displayed were lower than expected. The machine continued to function. I thought it was a sensor problem so I replaced the sensor (bought on eBay) but it changed nothing.

Last week when I restarted the machine I again noticed that the displayed level was lower than previously, staying mostly at 40%, when I know the real level is 55% or higher. When I turn the threshold down to 35% the machine runs and collects water. I would rather not run the machine continuously. Given the cost of a service call plus repair makes no economic sense, can anything suggest what might be causing this? I am assuming that it is no longer a sensor problem, but something wrong with the electronics.

assuming that it is no longer a sensor problem, but something wrong with the electronics.

As you said changing the sensor didn't change anything, it likely never was.

I can only think the control or the wiring between them as possibilities. Check for wear on the wiring's insulation and loose/dirty wiring connections.


Dan O.
If you get to the control try to get photos of any numbers printed on it.

Few individual parts are available from Frigidaire for your model. They basically treat it as a 'throw away' appliance. If required we might need to find the company whom originally manufactured it for Frigidaire (the OEM) to see if the part can be sourced from them.

Dan O.
So I did take the back panel off the unit, and locate the control board inside a metal enclosure next to the compressor. The sensor connection is solid and dry. I could not remove the control board to take a good look without disconnecting some wires, which I did not do. However I did find multiple boards on eBay that looked to be the same, and for about US$40 shipped to Canada, they are not expensive (at least less than a service call). I'll probably pick up one of those and see if they will fix the issue. For now, I just set the control to 35% and let the unit run.
I did find multiple boards on eBay that looked to be the same

That is no guaranty they are the same unless they were from the exact same model. A single chip difference can alter a board's functioning.

I would strongly suggest you get the numbers off the original board and at least try to find a similar one rather than just taking a wild guess but that's up to you. g/l


Dan O.
Here is the actual board. I doubt they still sell them new. I'll just pick one up on eBay and see if it works. The old board is still functional, just that the readout is inaccurate. The workaround for now is to set the control to lowest setting.


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