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Frigidaire FFLE3911QW0 won't fill/wash


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Apr 10, 2022
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Good Afternoon. Seeking some help with my FFLE3911QW0 Frigidaire stacked washer/dryer. Specifically having a problem with the washer that does not want to fill. When you start a cycle it sounds like the drain runs for approx 2 minutes, then it waits for a few moments, starts to run the drain again and eventually gives up with three long beeps.

It never fills with water. I did complete the full control reset and I've managed to get it in to diagnostic mode. Yesterday it was giving 4 beeps, pause, 1 beep. I understood that as E41 and I replaced the lid lock assembly. After replacing the lid lock assembly, the problem persists. I put it back in to diagnostic mode and put the selector knob to 7 o'clock for the error read out and today it's giving 2 beeps, pause, 1 beep. I understand that as E21 which translates to difficulty draining.

I'm not familiar with the draining parts so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend what I can check for this specifically. I believe I came across a manual someone posted the other day that had pictures of what to take apart and I can't find it again! Any ideas? Is it possibly the main board since it was giving a lid lock error and now a drain error?

Appreciate any insight you can provide!
One more thing I wanted to add - I am able to put the washer in to diagnostic mode and turn the dial to 2 clicks away from 12 o'clock to begin filling the tub with water. Once it's got a good amount of water, I move the dial to five clicks from 12 o'clock to drain the tub. The tub drains until it's dry and no water is left. However it still won't run a cycle. Tries to drain twice and gives up. I also removed the drain hose from the pipe in the wall (not sure about correct terminology here!) until it was only about 6" inside the pipe as I saw that in another thread. No dice.
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When its draining pull the drain hose up from the drain pipe and watch how fast it drains, should be draining out with lots of pressure. If its draining slow that can cause this current problem too.

Thanks for the reply/suggestion. I pulled the hose up from the drain pipe and it's draining with quite a bit of pressure. Almost like a water hose.

One thing I am noticing is that when you try to start a cycle, the drain pump runs for a bit like it's detected water in the tub that it needs to drain (even though there is no water in the tub). When it fails, it waits for a few moments and turns the drain pump on a second time.

When that "fails" as well, the cycle stops with the 3 beeps. I found a video showing how to get to the drain pump but unfortunately it looks like you have to tip the entire machine over on to the floor.

I'm going to have to wait until this weekend to get some help so I don't hurt myself trying to do that. I'm thinking of removing the drain pump and checking for blockages etc. But with how fast it drains, I'm not sure that will be the case. I'm hoping to only have to tip it over once.
Ok, I just located another member with this similar problem:

This is what Tom did:
I finally broke down and called a certified Frigidaire service man. ( $150.00 Plus for first 15 minutes and $80 hr there after ) He spoke with the factory tech and after conducting some tests they decided the problem was in a plug on the bottom of the washer drum. After the service man left I ran a continuity test on the plug and found it to be good. Then I ran a continuity test from the main circuit board on the back of the machine to this plug and found one of the wires was open. I went back to the plug and pulled on the open wire. It was broken about 6" from the plug under a very tight tie wrap. I spliced a piece of wire across the break. The machine is now working properly.


So check that wiring as well.:)

Thanks for those suggestions. I ended up getting it on its back and removing the drain pump to check for blockages etc. Nothing. Checked wire continuity and no issues found.

I decided to save my sanity and just replace it with a regular non stacked washer and dryer. Read a few posts here and my speed queen set will be here next weekend. In a way I'll be glad to get rid of this laundry center. Never loved the 2 in 1.

So if you find yourself here looking for a solution, I wish I could tell you. But I decided to save my sanity and not my wallet. 🤣
Sounds good.(y)

Thanks for the update!


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