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Frigidaire FFPA4422UU Thermostat Replacement


Premium Member
May 11, 2023
South Carolina
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello!! I am so glad I found a place like this! This evening, after it sitting in my garage for some time, I decided to put my mini fridge to use again, which it never cut on. I found that my thermostat in the fridge is chocked full of corrosion, and will not work.I tried to take it apart and clean, but to no avail. I will need to replace it. After countless hours of trying to learn the world of fridge thermostats, I am still stumped. I understand that there are no replacement parts readily available from the manufacturer. Upon looking through the countless options, I am left more confused. The defective thermostat is a WDF25B-L, 6 (4) A, 250v, 50/60Hz. The replacements I have found so far do not meet these requirements. Am I looking too far into this, or should I be looking for those exact specifications? Any help is appreciated!
Wow!!! That was fast, thanks for the response. I'm gonna roll the dice and get this, I don't think there is much more that's available to me. Thanks for the help!

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