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Frigidaire FFSS2314QS8A - Water Leaking in Front


Nov 28, 2022
Springfield, VA
Model Number
6-10 years
We have a side by side fridge/freezer and noticed slight puddles in front of freezer side. It came with the house when we bought it in 2016 but was brand new so I’d date it like 7 years old. I tried googling some advice but I’m no expert. Here are some details from what I gathered over last month:
-bottom of freezer always has block of ice. Can clean it out and it’ll come right back. The back of the freezer at the bottom where the vents are to blow in cold air is always wet. Like condensation dripping. Looks like there’s a leak and it’ll drip out and become frozen over time
-Both clear tube connected from water line to unit and the green tube that runs up to the ice maker don’t appear to be clogged or leaking/wet
-I’ve taken back panel off and didn’t notice any water anywhere. But I did notice that directly underneath the freezer is open to the floor which makes me believe it’s coming from that same area that drips internally. When I moved the fridge out to get behind it there was even more water all out the floor. And it wasn’t there from before and it was under the fridge where I moved it to
-I’ve taken the front panel off at bottom and it looks damp and rusty. I’ve attached a photo of the unit in back of fridge after I removed the block of ice which I think is the problem.

The freezer works as intended still and it makes ice cubes and everything so it’s not broken and I’m hoping that it’s a simple fix. Anyone have any ideas? I feel like the drip line is clogged as when I looked behind it I didn’t see any water in the past and it was kinda gross and brown looking. It’s not really accessible so I’m not sure how to clean it either. Should I start by trying to access the drainage area from inside freezer?


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Dan O.

Appliance Tech
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Oct 9, 2004
Ontario, Canada
bottom of freezer always has block of ice.

There is a drain beneath the evaporator (cooling) coil behind the rear panel of the freezer. That evaporator frosts whenever running and automatically defrosts periodically. That defrost water is supposed to drain to the drain pan under the fridge. When that drain gets plugged the melt water goes elsewhere.

That drain usually needs to be thoroughly thawed and then any obstructions in the tubing removed. The obstruction could be stray food stuffs (peas, corn, etc.) or just a scum buildup, hampering flow through it. Once thawed I often recommend compressed air from the drain outlet underneath or hot water from a turkey baster, etc. (Put a cloth over the drain opening in the freezer to catch any drain scum that might be ejected.)

Removal of the rear panel in the freezer is usually required to access the evaporartor and the drain trough beneath.

Dan O.
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