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FIXED Frigidaire FG4H2272UF not cooling, no LED lights, and Er CE on UI Panel


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Jan 18, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
Looking for guidance or confirmation on how best to proceed.

Some background: About 1-1.5 years ago, my front door panel UI stopped working and it displayed: Er CE
By not working, I mean that it would not dispense water, ice, but it still allowed me to set temp. Everything else with the refrigerator still worked fine, I just had to get ice from the maker myself. Fridge, middle drawer, and freezer drawer all cooled fine. The middle drawer UI panel was blinking and was non responsive but remained as a freezer and continued to work.

My understanding was that this is a failure for the UI board to communicate with the control board. I purchased a new Control board and an used UI board, swapped out the control board first, and still got the Er CE. Then swapped out the UI panel and still got the Er CE. I just parked trying to repair it, as life got busy with covid and other things.

Fast forward to this weekend, when we opened the fridge door and all of a sudden the led lights went out. At the same time, the front panel UI constantly displayed all lights/indicators at once and was non-responsive. I swapped out the control and UI boards as I had the other set, and the UI was back to Er CE but the led lights in the fridge did not come back on. We then noticed that the compressor was not running, although the condenser and inside fans were running. It is not cooling given the compressor is not running.

At this point, I went back to the control board to take some voltage measurements at the harnesses. Control board had 120VAC and 12VDC supply. There was 0VDC going to the inverter, the 120VAC supply to the inverter was fine. Inverter was flashing green, twice every 5 secs, which indicates a communication error. I also confirmed the 0VDC to the LEDs with doors open. I confirmed that the door switches operate and all the fans have 12VDC. This is obviously pointing me back to the control board, but I am puzzled how both control boards have failed. Everything is hooked up properly, as I have the data sheet and also took pictures before I did anything. My suspicion is that the UI board that was all lit up took out the control board. I suspect I replaced the control board first, and not both the control and UI board at the same time.

I presume my next step should be to purchase and swap out the Control board and go from there. My concern is whatever damaged the 2nd control board may occur again for the new one, should it not have been the bad UI board. Is there any checks or precautions I can take?

Any other guidance?

Thanks for reading!
ER CE--->Communication Error from UI Board to Main Board.
--->Always check for pin back-outs, pinched or damaged wires before replacing components.

The main control board has been updated to this one:

Here's the UI Board for your model:

Are both those parts you replaced the exact same part numbers I just posted?

Thanks Jake,

The Control Board was an older version which has been replaced with what you linked. In terms of the UI panel, it is 5304519200 which is the full assembly, panel and pc board behind it.
Part Number 5304528575 (AP7017404) replaces 5304526178, 5304519200.

New update.... root cause discovered, damaged 12VDC wire going to the UI panel. Bad news is I don't see how I can get access to the wire to repair it, as the pinch/damage is just where it enters the top left door at the hinge.

I determined the UI Panel was not getting 12VDC and discovered when I held the wires going into the top left hand door straight up, that I would get 12VDC and everything (lights, compressor, UI, etc) started working.

The challenge is the pinch or damage seems to be in the hole along with the water tube, just as it enters the left hand door. The hole is recessed and the door hinge is also mounted there. If I push down on the wire or hold it straight up it makes a connection.

I don't see a way for me to disassemble the top of the door to get access to the wire. It's ridiculous if I have to buy an entire door to just fix a pinched/damaged wire.

Any tricks of the trade to repair the wire or run another one? I suspect there is foam inside the door as well that wouldn't let me pull a wire through.
Glad you found the problem was the pinched wire, but you are correct, there is no access inside the door to repair/replace the wire, so the only solution is a new door.

Here's the left side door assembly for your model:

Thanks for your help Jake,

As you mentioned, given the door is sealed, the proper solution is to buy a new door. :( I did spend a few hours messing around with positioning the wires and zip tying them in a position with connectivity, but every time the door is opened all the way and then closed, I would loose connectivity.

Given, this was a DIY job, i finally noticed that after removing the top hinge, that the water line goes into a conduit tube that is in the door. Having nothing to lose, as a last ditch effort, I tried to fish a new wire in that conduit, and it actually came out to the UI panel next to the water line! I then proceeded to splice it to the connector at the UI panel and to the connector at the top of the fridge. In effect, I replaced the damaged wire and resolved my issue. Of course, this was a DIY fix and the proper way is to buy a new door, but just in case someone else is doing a DIY fix, this may be a possible option.
Excellent @omac glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for letting us know how you did it.:)

5304519116 is the part number of the harness that goes through the door I'm 99% sure - it is more or less unlisted unless you search by description see break down:
I gave my 45 year old business to my employees when I retired a couple of years ago.
52 # 5304519114 PC Board, power supply
* # 5304519116 Harness, wiring, power supply
54 # 5304519115 PC Board, AC line filter, EMC 55 5304519117 Cover, assembly, PCB box
Thanks Mike for letting us know.(y)


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