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Frigidaire FGHF2366PFBA Gallery Fridge and Freezer Gets cold, then warm, then cold

Ken Gibson

Premium Member
Jan 23, 2023
Boise, ID
I have the same exact issue with a 2016 Frigidaire FGHF2366PFBA. I can force defrost cycle to run, and the coils in the back of the freezer section are clear of ice however the temperature of the fridge portion returns to the upper 50's over several hours. There is no manual timer on this unit and the temperature is displayed on the front of the door (no error codes). I have a new master control board on order however would rather not replace if not needed.

There is an ice maker in the fridge section of my unit. Is there yet another set of coils up there that need to be completely de-iced to fix this issue? I repalced the defrost thermostat in the freezer section - is there perhaps another one behind the icemaker that I also have to replace?

Thank you
Hi Ken,

You have a ice maker evaporator coil, which is behind the ice maker inside the ice maker compartment in the refrigerator section.

Here's the parts diagram for yours: Parts for Frigidaire FGHF2366PFBA: Ice Maker Parts

#23 is that ice maker evaporator coil, but that only keeps the ice maker itself cold enough to make ice, it doesn't cool the entire refrigerator section. Does your ice maker there work fine when the refrigerator itself is in the 50s?

The freezer evaporator coil cools the refrigerator section per the freezer evap. fan motor that blows the air up to the refrigerator section and through the damper.

Check to see if your damper is stuck closed.

Here's the air-damper for your model:
Damper Control Assembly 241518501

Here's the video to access/replace it: Frigidaire Refrigerator Damper Control Assembly Video

Here's another member that had a similar issue:
Thank you for the reply and guidance on the coils behind the ice maker. I will turn the ice maker back on and see if it works just fine. I did take apart the damper and it appears to move freely. I believe that the damper is not the issue because the fridge section will get down into the 30's - at least for a while...and it does so rather quickly.

i was thinking that if my fridge had a defrost timer then it would be the timer. Since it doesn't have one - is it the main control board that issues the command to run the defrost? I was thinking the issue is either the control board, the temperature sensor that is on the coils, or perhaps the little thermometer. Any suggestions?
Do you hear the freezer fan is running inside the freezer? If so, then it can also be possibly the Fresh Food Temperature sensor is bad.

Its best to manually ohm test the Fresh Food Temperature sensor with a multimeter.

Place the Fresh Food Temperature sensor is a small glass and fill it with crushed ice. Add enough water to cover the Fresh Food Temperature sensor. Then wait at least 5 minutes. This should bring the temperature of the Fresh Food Temperature sensor very close to 32*F-33*F. At 33*F the Fresh Food Temperature sensor should measure 31,658 ohms. At 32*F the Fresh Food Temperature sensor should measure 32,566 ohms (+ or - 2%). Your Fresh Food Temperature sensor should be between 31.6K and 32.5K ohms.

Here's the Fresh Food Temperature sensor for your model you can order, if yours ohm tests bad:
Thermistor 240597203

Here's the video to access/replace both of them:

Here's another person that had this same problem and it was that Fresh Food Thermistor that was bad: The refrigerator's side temperature is fluctuating between 30 and 52 degrees.

Let us know what you find.
I went ahead and just swapped out the thermistor and issue continues. The link you provided as a sample story states they swapped out the main board. I ordered the wrong main board so am now trying to figure out if my issue is the main board or I just need to hire someone.
Sorry, my bad, I misread that.

The way to find what part is bad is to ohm test the Fresh Food Temperature sensor first before ordering the main power board, like I mentioned how to above.:)

Here's the main power board for your model:
Board-Main Power 5304502778

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