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Frigidaire fridge clicking sound


Dec 17, 2015
Model Number
We just purchased (12/2015) a new fridge at Lowe's. Right away we noticed a clicking sound coming from below the freezer drawer compartment. It appears to come from a light gray box that houses what I assume are the electronics. It clicks frequently/randomly in no pattern. It lasts for hours at a time. When the repairman came to check it, of course there was not a peep for the 5 minutes he was here. He said he thinks it's "operating noise" most likely. It is so loud that I'm tempted to return the refrigerator unless I can figure out something to fix this.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

It sounds like the relays on the main board opening and closing. That is if the clicking noise is coming from the main power board. The relays only open and close when the machine is cycling back on. To reproduce the sound try unplugging the refrigerator and wait 5 minutes then restore power and see if makes the sound.
Yes, I agree with Rick. This control board mounts right underneath the bottom, so that's likely it.

Your missing the last digit in your model number, it should be one of these 3 below:

For model FPBS2777RF0: Frigidaire 5303918714 Board Assembly - AppliancePartsPros.com

For model FPBS2777RF1: Frigidaire 5304502750 Board-Main Power - AppliancePartsPros.com

For model FPBS2777RF2: Frigidaire 5304502750 Board-Main Power - AppliancePartsPros.com

Since its under warranty, I'd agree, either call Frigidaire to come back and replace that board, or get an exchange from the store you bought it at.


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