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Frigidaire Front-Loader GLTF1040AS0 no longer spins drum


Jul 2, 2019
halifax ns canada
Model Number
More than 10 years
Hi, a 'fun' question. I've got an older front-load washer. I've changed the pump on it a few times in the last ~6 years and it has managed to keep on trucking. Over 15 years old now I guess.

Yesterday it was having problems - semi-empty load (less than half full) which in past occasionally has caused it to get 'stuck' on the cycle of rinse:spin:drain - over and over.
results in 'hot rubber smell' if not caught promptly (ie, within an hour) - this has happened over the years - since we have always had this critter. Kind of 'annoying but consistent'.

yesterday was different - endgame was that the washer tub won't spin/rotate/agitate / spin out.

I can run a cycle, it dumps water in, and then pumps it out at the end of the cycle. but no motion on the drum.

Drum spins suitably, when turned by hand I can see the motor is turning underneath as it might be expected. The belt appears intact / in place / behaving properly.

It is as if the motor has given up any desire to move.

Random google at first had me hoping it might be a simple capacitor thing maybe. But I can't see any indication there is such a part used on this washer in the way maybe on others it is present.

I'm pretty certain the door latch / mechanism there is fine - since it is happy to lock the door, LED lights up for 'wash active' and then it dumps in water, eventually pumps out water. Just a bit of humming noise maybe (?) when the motor wants to be spinning. but nothing dramatic or obvious.

Is this likely a "replace the control board" kind of repair (ie, $150+ part and non trivial to remove-replace?)
or is there any other candidate option(s) I should look at first, on the hope that I can get this fixed for not-too-much?

My wife is of the mind, it is old enough / put in plenty of good service / don't sink any money into trying to get it working.
I'm sort of of this mindset as well, with caveat that if I can spend - say $100ish or less maybe ? - then it is worth trying to get another year or maybe more. But I'm reluctant to put in a fair chunk to fix one thing with high risk of secondary / more things still needing more parts.

so .. figured maybe some feedback would help me figure out, time to throw in the towel, or try some obvious known next steps?

Many thanks!



Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Hi Tim,

I'd first check the plastic electrical connector where the main wire harness connects to your motor, I have see the metal pins in there either burn out or become loose and back out over time.

If that's fine, then you are looking at either a new motor, or new motor control board, which both of those are well over $100 and not worth it due to its age.:)