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Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB3 water dispenser starts as drip, eventually full flow


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Apr 6, 2013
Missoula, Mt
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OK, this is a new one to me. This morning I went to get some water from the fridge. Pushed in the actuator, the valves make the appropriate noise but all I get is some slow drips. But as I am holding the glass I see the drips speeding up.

Figured maybe the line was partially frozen so I kept holding the switch reasoning this would eventually melt the blockage. Drips get faster and faster, then after about 40 seconds the water is up to full stream. Great?

This evening I go to get a glass of water. Same problem. What the heck?

I replaced the entire water fill valve assembly in June because a "service tech" diagnosed it as the cause of our lack of ice in the ice maker. He was wrong, it was a frozen ice fill tube. But I'd already installed the new valve and water flow seemed better.

Any idea what might cause the water dispenser to act blocked but then eventually get back to full blast? Have not changed the freezer or fridge temp settings.


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FRS23H5AS is just a partial model number, we need the complete model number first. Read it from the model number tag located inside the refrigerator section on the upper walls or ceiling.

Its possibly the filter base that's gone bad. As a TEST--->You can actually disconnect the inlet tubing from the water inlet valve to that inlet side of that filter base and see if it flows water good when you press the water dispenser lever.

Here's the filter base for your model, if needed:
Water Filter Base 240396002

Here's the video:

So I decided to pop out the filter to start taking a closer look at the mechanism. I had just operated the water dispenser and it appeared to be working fine.

When I pushed the release button the filter rocketed out, hitting me in the face and water sprayed everywhere.

I'd say there is a blockage somewhere and the "water tank assembly" had air trapped in it that was pressurized at 60 psi.

Very weird and quite disturbing to be honest.
Yes, that is quite odd, so its working fine now?
I think I know what's wrong.

We're on high-iron well water. Up until Sep. 2021 we had a Culligan Rustmaster iron filter from the 1990s. It was not the best and we had a lot of iron oxide going through and ending up in the pipes of the house. We had rust stains in the dishwasher, in the toilet tanks etc. That stuff flakes off and comes out faucets all over the house still.

We have a much better iron filter now (Hellenbrand Iron Storm) but our fridge's internals have been subjected to that for 19 years. Also, still a lot flaking off the inside of our pipes and going through the fridge waterlines.

I think I have a buildup of iron flakes in the coiled hose that Frigidaire calls the "water tank assembly" so I am going to disconnect the lines to and from the water valve and connect the return line to the primary valve and let it backwash the line.

That or I could just bypass the coil and filter and see if water flows as it should.

I can't believe that Frigidaire wants $240 for a coil of polyethylene tubing if I have to replace it. I can buy 100 feet of it on Amazon for under $15.
Yes, I think your on the right track.(y)

I can't believe that Frigidaire wants $240 for a coil of polyethylene tubing if I have to replace it. I can buy 100 feet of it on Amazon for under $15.
Yes, I agree. Also Home Depot and Lowes sells that tubing as well.

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