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Frigidaire FRS26R4CW1 water leaking from top of filter cup


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Dec 30, 2022
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When my ice maker container fills I raise the arm to manually turn it off. A few days ago I turned it back on and the next morning I had water on my floor. From a previous experience I went right to the water filter housing and sure enough thats where the leak was. There was water coming out of the top of filter cup. I removed the cup and filter and could clearly see cracks in water filter housing so I was able to find one online.

I installed the new housing, installed a new water filter and the cup and per instructions on the filter, I ran the water dispenser for 3 minutes. Not long into that process I noticed water once again leaking from the top of the filter cup. I assumed possibly a bad O-Ring so I was able to get one from a local appliance repair store and installed it. Once again I resumed running water through the dispenser only to see still coming out of the top of the cup.

Next I removed the ice maker but so no ice build up in the water tube. I even disconnected the water line from the back of fridge and filled a syringe with hot water and was able to push water through the tube and into the ice maker. After putting the ice maker back I just turned the ice maker on to see what would happen and place a bowl under the water filter.

The ice maker is slowly making ice and water is still coming out of the top of the filter cup, just not as fast as it was when the water dispenser was running. Defective housing, water filter possibly? All parts are OEM. Does anyone have any idea on what else I should try? Thanks
Also, have you replaced the water filter lately? That can cause this issue too.

Here's the water filter for your model:
Water Filter WFCB

If you already replaced the water, then it sounds like you'll need a new filter housing assembly and new elbows.

Its #139 here: Parts for Frigidaire FRS26R4CW1: Controls Parts
The elbows are #140.

Since you already installed the new filter housing, then you'd just need the elbows.

Here's another member that has this same issue:

To remove the elbows you have to push-in on those darker brown rings, You have to push-in really hard while pulling the water tubing out.

Here's the filter housing for your model:
Manufacturer's Number: 240434301

Here's the elbow for your model(order two):
Manufacturer's Number: 240545201
Yes, I installed a brand new filter and was in the process of running water through the dispenser for 3 minutes per instructions on the box when the leaking started. The housing is brand new along with the O-Ring inside the filter cup. As I was running the water dispenser I saw no water leaking from the elbows. I even placed a dry paper towel underneath the elbows and on top of the housing and once I saw the water coming out of the top of the cup I pulled off the paper towel and it was still dry. All I can think of at this point is the new housing is defective or the new water filter which is a Frigidaire Puresource. As of now, the ice maker container is half full.
New housing vs old housing that was cracked. With the filter cup and filter off it does push a pretty good stream of water out. The ice cubes are also not as big as they normally are.


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All I can think of at this point is the new housing is defective or the new water filter which is a Frigidaire Puresource.
Yes, I agree.

Where did you get them from?
I got the housing from genuine replacement parts. It is an OEM part. The filter and O-Ring I got from a local appliance repair shop and they are also OEM parts.
Then its possibly a defective filter housing, that's about all it can be at this point, contact them and let them know, they should be able to send you another new one for free.
Last Thursday when I went to the local appliance repair store to get the new O-Ring I was able to talk to the head technician. I explained everything going on and he was baffled as to what was going on and told me he would stop by today and look at it since he was in the area and he wouldn't charge me the service fee. At this point my ice maker container was full so I had shut it off. I hadn't put the outer cover back over the housing so it had froze over and no water was coming out of the dispenser.

When I say froze over, the water at the top of the cup was frozen but not solid and you could see the water line was froze. He felt it had to be the housing and/or filter so said he would order those for me and have them on Wednesday and would only charge me for the parts. I told him in the meantime I would shut the water off and remove the housing and get the line thawed out. Once I had the housing removed and the water lines removed from the housing I place a bowl under the lines and turned the water back on.

I turned on the water dispenser and got water to come out of the line so I though ok, I will thaw out the housing cup and filter and ran it under some luke warm water and put it all back together just to see if everything was still working and sure enough, water came out of the dispenser but now no water was coming out of the top of the cup and I ran 2 gallons of water through it so for some unknown reason it appears the problem is solved. I am a little baffled but will keep an eye on it to see if it does leak again.
Yes, that is very strange, glad to hear its working now without leaking.

Yes, just keep your eye on it for a while.
Well, I thought all was well until I noticed no water coming out of the water dispenser this morning so I took off the water filter holder cover and found the filter housing cracked pretty bad. The last time the water dispenser had been used was Thursday. The temperature setting has been at the factory setting for both the fridge and freezer for over 2 weeks now. When I had a technician look at it almost 2 weeks ago he though maybe there was an issue with the dampner but he checked it and said it was working properly. All I can think of now is this is a defective water filter. What are your thoughts? Here is a picture of the housing.



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All I can think of now is this is a defective water filter. What are your thoughts? Here is a picture of the housing.
I agree completely, See if it has a warranty on it from that place you got it from.

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