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Frigidaire Gallery FGHF2366PF0 temperature fluctuating


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Nov 23, 2021
Plainfield, IL
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6-10 years
The temperature in my Frigidaire Gallery is fluctuating on the refrigerator side. Freezer seems fine. Like right now the refrigerator is at 50 F and the freezer is at 0 F. There is frost on the back wall of the freezer. Seals look good. Coils are clean. What should I check next?
There is frost on the back wall of the freezer.

There shouldn't be. That usually means there is A LOT more frost behind that panel. That frost buildup is very likely hampering air flow to the other compartment and affecting its temperature.

That frost buildup likely needs to be investigated as a first step. You can see an example of accessing that area in the repair video for the defrost heater at the following link. It may not be exact to your model but should give you an idea of what might need to be done to access the area.

LINK > FGHF2366PF0 Defrost Heater (with repair video)

Dan O.

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