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FIXED Frigidaire Gallery Front Loader Washers - NO HIGH SPEED SPIN - READ THIS FIRST!

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Is it draining all the water out before the spin? Is there water in it now?

If it drains good, then its likely a bad door latch assembly thats causing it not to spin on high speed spin like the others in this thread.

You'll need to ohm test the wax motor on the door switch.

Here's how to test the door lock latch switch assembly:

Unplug your washer first!

Remove the door lock assembly and measure the resistance of the PTC.

The PTC is the wax motor on the door lock assembly. You will need a multimeter to test that.

If it reads 1500 ohms, then its fine.

Its easiest to get to it from the top panel of your washer, take the top panel off then reach your arm down and pull it up, remove the electrical connectors to it. The electrical connectors may only allow you to pull it up a few inches until you remove them.

Here's the door latch/lock assembly for your model you can order:
131763256 Door lock and switch assembly

Hey jake I have the same washer. Gltf2940fs2. Mine stops midway through the cycle with soaking wet clothes. It isn't draining. But if you put it in drain/spin mode it will drain fine. It's throwing a 18h error code. Still could be the door latch or something else? I was thinking control board.
Yes, sounds like the control board is bad with that 18h showing, 18h is not a factory error code, error codes will be displayed be an E followed by numbers.

Here's the control board assembly for your model you can order here:
Frigidaire 137006000 Main Control Board

If you purchase parts from our links here and you install them and it doesn't fix the problem, you have a 365 day full refund when you return them.

Awesome thanks. Ordered the part. I'll post up after I install it. Is there any write ups or anything for the install? I'm hoping I can just go through the front access panel. Haven't had a chance to look yet.
Excellent, good job, glad to hear that.:)

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