Frigidaire, gallery, professional


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Aug 2, 2011
Frigidaire as 3 different levels, i was wondering what is the main difference between the 3 levels other than the "extra features" that is seen in gallery and professional. Do they use the same compressor and parts for the same size refrigerator or they are different. Just want to know is it worth the extra money to go for the gallery or the professional.

Also, is it recommended to get side by side or the french door for frigidaire.
You are paying for features. Here is a comparison of features for a Professional, Gallery Premier and Gallery.All are 22.6 cubic ft and have french doors

I took 3 Frigidaire model numbers and checked the part numbers for the compressor, evaporator fan motor and condenser fan motor. ALL 3 use identical part numbers for those components.
So when it comes to the components that take the most beating they all use the same parts. It's all bout features.Hope this helps
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