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Frigidaire ice auger

Bill LeMay

Dec 28, 2013
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More than 10 years
First, thank you for having such a forum. My problem arose when attempting repair of my refrigerator. Initially the problem was that the water supply tube to my icemaker had frozen. I read your forum and determined the problem to be the water valve. I ordered the valve and a replacement water actuator, since mine had been broken for some time. I replaced the valve no problem and there is now no problem with ice production. When I replaced the actuator the water dispensor would not work and the ice auger ran continuously. I disconnected the ribbon connector to the power board and the ice auger motor stops. Again I read up on the forum and it appeared as if the dispenser control board could be the problem. I ordered a replacement and installed, only to have the same exact problem. Assuming the dispenser control board had nothing to do with the problem, is replacing the power board my next step? If so what part number do I need for my Frigidaire FRS26F5A? I have been very careful to unplug the fridge with each electrical connect/disconnect. Thanks in advance for your advice and help locating the part!
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Appliance Tech - Admin
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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Sorry for the delay, had to relocate to Arizona.

FRS26F5A is just a partial model number, we need the complete model number.

Click here: Appliance Parts at RepairClinic. 125 Brands. 365 Day Returns.

Then you will see a link that says: Help me find my model number.

FRS26F5A shows about 20 models: "FRS26F5A" Parts from RepairClinic.com so we need to narrow that down to your exact model number as they make 2 different dispenser control boards for between those 20 model numbers.

Read this thread: FIXED Ice Auger Spins non-stop No Water - All after Replacing Plastic Water Dispenser Paddle - Page 2 the problem is the dispenser control board and not the dispenser power board.

I've replaced many of the dispenser control boards for this issue as well on my service calls and that always fixes the problem.