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Frigidaire/Kenmore 970L97522F0 Stacker Washer/Dryer Washer Selector Switch replacement from 9 cycle to 8 cycle Questions


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Apr 1, 2021
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
I have a faulty washer selector switch on my Kenmore stacker Model 970L97522F0. It is a 9 cycle washer with Selector Switch 137493400
I also have a spare non-functioning Frigidaire stacker Model FFLE39C1QW0. It is an 8 cycle washer with Selector Switch 137493300
When I swapped the 8 cycle switch from the Frigidaire into the Kenmore the machine works. The problem is that the cycles don't match the panel on the machine (selector has 8 cycles but panel has 9 cycles). If I swap the front panel from the Frigidaire over (now the panel has 8 cycles and the switch has 8 cycles) will that be the final solution or do I need to change some other part in the machine as well? I don't know if the washer selector switch controls the actual wash cycles or is that a different part of the machine that does it.


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If the rest of the switches are the same on both consoles, it should work.
Thanks for replying Rick. Yes the washer works but I'm trying to figure out if it's the selector switch that actually controls the type of wash cycle or is it another part. For example on the 8 cycle washer the approximately 4:30 position is "Rinse & Spin" whereas it's "Delicates" on the 9 cycle washer.
Doesn't matter as long as you're changing the timer and console. Whatever you select is what you'll get.

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