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Frigidaire LFFU14F5HWD upright freezer - not cooling


May 11, 2016
Model Number
More than 10 years

Model: LFFU14F5HWD
Serial: WB92535857
date of purchase: June 2009

Been reading many threads and posts in the forums and while I haven’t found an answer I was looking for I do feel better informed regarding appliances in general. This is a great resource, so thanks.

Now, to my problem. My upright freezer stoped working before Christmas and I’ve been trying to troubleshoot it since. Tonight I may have read it’s last rites due to an act of stupidity on my part, but before I condemn it to the landfill I thought I’d check to see if there’s any saving it

Sequence of events:
-Woke to hear alarm one morning. Freezer not cold. Threw some food away, salvaged the rest into tiny fridge/freezer in house
-First tried to replace the easiest cheapest obvious part - the relays. This helped the comp kick on with a more defined click than previously but still no cold
-Installed a bullet piercing valve on low side copper pipe into the comp
-Pulled a vacuum on the comp, could not get down to 29psi and with the pump turned off the system could not maintain a vacuum. It slipped back to 0psi in a few minutes
-Tried to perform a leak test with soapy water. Unfortunately with the unit plugged in I knocked the relay connectors while trying to waterproof them. Caused a short. There was a click from the control panel and now it is flashing the two small square alarm LEDs and won’t respond to input.

With that information is the control panel dead? Is there any way to reset? Will the short have damaged the relays?

If I have to replace the CP as well as figure out the compressor leak, is it even worth it at this point. I was hoping to salvage this freezer for a couple of reasons. I’d rather fix something than contribute to the landfill, hate the idea of just throwing stuff out, especially if the majority of the unit is perfectly functional. And prices of new freezers BEGIN at $500. Even with a new comp at $230 it still might end up less than buying another freezer with tax, delivery etc.

But now the CP could sway the balance.

Would love to hear your advice. Sincere thanks



Appliance Tech - Moderator
Staff member
Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
Control board is shot. On top of that there's a sealed system problem. Time to throw in the towel....Lol