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Frigidaire LFHD2251TF5 Ice Maker Stopped Working

June Maggie

Premium Member
Apr 10, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
The Ice Maker stopped working overnight. I thought I felt cubes in it this morning but they weren’t dumping. We went out for a few hours and now the tray is empty (a child might have used the ice that dumped).

We haven’t replaced the water filter in a while so I just ordered a new one that should be here tomorrow.

But I was hoping to find the correct diagnostic tests to run for the ice maker to make sure it didn’t die. We do use it daily, multiple times a day.

We turned the ice maker on and off in settings. Accidentally turned the fridge off and then back on by holding the plus and minus buttons to the left. We set the freezer temp to 0 down from 1 it was set to and then the fridge to 39 as it was at 40 to prevent stuff at the back from freezing.

I think the fridge is 7 years old. We bought it from the previous owner with the house 3 years ago and have had no problems.
I couldn't locate the tech. data sheet for this model. All refrigerators come with them, look behind your lower kickplate grille for it, or underneath the top right door hinge cover for it.

Another member had this similar issue that uses the same exact ice maker yours does:

I don't know if that tech sheet in that thread is similar to yours or not.
It looks more similar. I tried to follow another one and ended up shutting down the fridge. Thankfully holding + and - down together again turned it back on.

It seems to be making ice again (maybe the fridge shut down?). But I will try that tech sheet if it stops.

Thank you!
It seems to be making ice again (maybe the fridge shut down?)
Yes, that is quite possibly.

Yes, just see how it does over the next several days.

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