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Frigidaire LGHB2869TF5 making banging noise, slow water dispensing


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May 16, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years

My fridge is not dispensing water fast, very slow and it’s making a banging noise from the rear by the valve thing. I replaced the filter with 2 oem replacements and same thing. Still making ice, but slow; which it’s always been kind of slow on production.

I don’t have a bypass thing to check and see if it’s the filter head (read in another thread for different model), but at this point I need to replace something it seems. Filter head seems like a common culprit and is not super expensive.

Any ideas guys? I appreciate the feedback and help for what part to replace first.


Hi, I'm not hearing any banging noise in your video, like in this video:

You can pull the refrigerator out from the wall, then remove that cardboard backing and remove the TAN plastic water line from underneath the TAN solenoid and get a container to catch water in and put it underneath that TAN water inlet valve solenoid and press the water dispenser paddle and see if it makes any banging noise still or not.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model:
242253002 Valve-Water

Also, I'd make sure your getting water good water pressure from your house water supply line, turn the water supply line off, then put it in a bucket or container and see how much water pressure you have going into the bucket. It should be a very strong stream out, not weak.:)

If your water pressure is good, and you hear no banging with the TAN hose removed, and you have good water pressure with the TAN hose removed from the water inlet valve, (remember to put a container under the water inlet valve to catch the water from the water inlet valve), then the problem is the filter head.

Here's the filter head for your model:
Water Filter Head 5304522623
So I’ll be looking for a TAN colored water line and the solenoid will have a TAN valve? Just unplug water line and make sure to have something under valve? Just making sure I got it right before I dive in.
Yes, that's exactly correct.
Ok so now it’s not making a banging noise, but a humming from the valve when someone pushes for water. I have it apart and can hear the hum, but water is barely dripping out. Already tried 2 new oem water filters.

Is there a way to diagnose if it’s the filter head or the valve now that it’s not making a banging noise?
I did the test taking the tan line off the valve and water comes out of the valve itself with very high pressure with line removed. I checked water pressure from the mainline and it’s also good.
Then the problem seems to be the water filter head.

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