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Frigidaire model: FFCD2418US1A powers off for a couple of days and then starts to work again


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Mar 18, 2023
Saskatoon, SK. Canada
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1-5 years
Hi all, I have a Frigidaire, model: FFCD2418US1A dishwasher that was installed in 2020. During that time, the dishwasher has lost its power and appears as if a breaker was blown. The first time, we reset the breaker and still, the machine had no power. We called the service company that sold us the unit. By the time the tech came over, the unit started to work again. Tech came over to check anyway and couldn’t find anything wrong and left.

This happened a second time, same as above, and another service call paid for and nothing done.

Just happened again last week. Same thing, and two days later, working again. This time, a tech did not come.

Any idea what might be happening here?
I'd first verify your getting 120 volts in the main junction power box underneath the dishwasher. Where you house power line connects to the main electrical of the dishwasher, Across Black and White should read 120 volts.

Disconnect power to your dishwasher first! There should be 2 wire nuts that connect the main power line to your dishwasher in the junction box underneath the dishwasher. Just remove the very bottom access panel and you will see that junction box. I've seen those wire nuts come loose and cause this NO POWER problem, when the installer doesn't tighten them properly.

You'll need a multimeter to check for 120 volts. Becareful not to touch live wires with your hands!

The junction box is #20 here:
(click to enlarge)

Just remove the bottom kickplate grille first #9 and #8, then you have easy access to it.
Ok, sounds good.:)
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