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Frigidaire P N 241543903 looking for crisper drawers.


Premium Member
Jan 16, 2021
Bellevue NE
I have a great working P N 241543903 Frigidaire that have a broken crisper drawer. Anyone have a line on cheep or used drawers?
Petey49 said:
P N 241543903

I don't know what "P N 241543903" is but to look up anything for the appliance we need its exact model number from the appliance's identification tag.

You can find tips for locating the model and serial number identification tag on your appliances at the following link. If you post that, we'll try to help you search.

LINK > Model Number Tag Location Guide

Dan O.
Thanks Dan Actually P N 241543903 is the Frigidaire refrigerator. It is the label on the back of the fridge and then PN is Part Number.
That's great but we need its model number to look up any parts for it. That model number will not be found on the back.

Look at the link I provided and post its actual model number if you want assistance with this.

Dan O.

PS. You don't need to quote my entire message when replying.

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