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Frigidaire Refrigerator FFHD2250TS Broken million hinge


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Jan 5, 2022
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Less than 1 year
I have a relatively new Frigidaire with French doors. The tabs that the mullion hinges snap onto broke - (kids?) and the flipper is barely handing on. I have both of the mullion hinges and they are ok, just the tab underneath them that the snap onto the door are both broken. Any suggestions how to fix it, or does it need a whole new door?


If it is the pieces highlighted in this image, the whole mullion flapper will need to be replaced. There are no separate parts available for it.

242036303 highlight.jpg

LINK > FFHD2250TS Mullion Flapper (no pic)

Dan O.
Thanks. No it’s the tabs on the door that hold the hinges into the door


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I can't find a photo of the replacement part but by the looks of your photos those look to be a molded part of the inner door panel. The inner door panel only comes assembled together with the outer door panel and is $$$.


If it really is less than 1-year old, I suggest you strongly complain to Frigidaire and tell them you'll never buy another Frigidaire product due to their cheap construction or similar. Normally such a part would not be covered by warranty after 30-90 days due to customer 'abuse' but they might be willing to stretch it to keep you as a customer. Otherwise a replacement stainless steel door assembly is $300-$400.

Dan O.
Thanks. I did when the first one broke and they gave me some money. Now the second one broke… any idea where you can buy a whole door?
It's not the kind of part anyone is likely to keep on-hand so it'll have to be ordered from the factory so they'll be some delay in getting it.

I trust this dealer to expedite the order as quickly as possible. They only sell genuine OEM replacement parts as well.

LINK > Stainless Steel FFHD2250TS3 Refrigerator Door Assembly (no pic)

I did find it considerably cheaper at this company and it says "in stock" but I have heard complaints their inventory is often inaccurate. It will definitely also be the same Frigidaire made part.

LINK > FFHD2250TS3 Refrigerator Door Assembly @ PartsDirect

Either way, if you expect a wait you won't be disappointed.

Dan O.

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