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Frigidaire Refrigerator FFHS2311LBQA Damper Control - Service Mode Test 5

Bob P

Premium Member
May 15, 2022
New York
Model Number
1-5 years
Frigidaire Model FFHS2311LBQA issue with warm Fresh Food side. Seemed to start after area-wide power outages. Service Mode Test 9 showed Error Codes 5,6,27. Ran Damper Motor Test 5-A, Display ="0". Test 5-B, Display ="_". Test 5-C, Display ="_" But the motor continues to run, indicating "a problem with the damper switch or damper switch circuit". When I opened up the Damper Assembly I found grit from the switch contacts on the camshaft and the contacts appeared to be slightly misaligned (contacts not flat on flat but contacting at an angle) so I replaced the Damper Motor/Switch/Assembly. -- Test 9 Error Codes now E,5. Ran Damper Motor Test 5 again with the same results as above. Assume this means issue is with the "circuit" but not sure where to check that or how to test now.
Here's your tech. data sheet: https://ecommcdnprod.azureedge.net/...roduct_support/DFH/DFHS2313MFHA/808662201.pdf

Damper TEST 5-C
If A or B did not display a “4” this test will display “_” and the motor will not run.
If “4” was displayed in test A or B this test displays “E”, and runs the motor continuously. If motor movement is not heard, there is a problem with the motor or motor circuit.
If motor is running, there is a problem with the damper switch or damper switch circuit

So the damper is running, so the problem is the damper switch circuit in the temp control board.

Here's the temp control for your model:

Your welcome Bob!


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