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Frigidaire Refrigerator FGHF2366PFBA defroster remains on and heats unit to high temps

Ryan Toliver

Premium Member
May 14, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
My frigidaire FGHF2366PFBA refrigerator freezer turn into a hot box overnight with Temps in the unit reaching 80 degrees. I unplugged the unit cleaned the coils and back of the unit with a vacuum. Coil fan is working great, spins freely, turns on when plugged in. I hear the compressor turn on when plugged in as well.

I removed the freezer drawer, inner freezer back panel and check the evaporator fan is operational when the drawer switch is depressed. I notice that it is warm around the evaporator. I then noticed that the defrost heater is on. I unplug the unit for several minutes and plugged it back in. The defrost heater heats up immediately.

Now keep in mind my unit has no ice anywhere and the temperatures are in the 80s inside and out of the fridge. I unplugged the defrost heater and the fridge and freezer are cooling normal Temps. What controls the defrost heater? The main controller or a sensor?
Hi, the defrost thermostat should be open when you ohm test it, open means the contactor inside it should not allow 120 volts to go to the defrost heater to keep it on. If it ohms OPEN and not CLOSED then its good and the culprit would be the main power board that's keeping keeping the defrost heater ON.

Here's the defrost thermostat for your model:

Watch this video to access it:

Here's the main power board for your model:
Board-Main Power 5304502778
Thank you for you timely response. I will check thermostat first, and then go from there. I'll report back my findings and the final fix.
Ok, sounds good.
I ohm tested the thermostat when it was cold and it shows continuity through it, so it is closed and therfore bad? Just confirming I understand correctly. Does it matter the temperature this is done at?

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