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Frigidaire Refrigerator FGUN2642LF5 - Not Making Ice


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Apr 3, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
Hi everyone,

Looking for some assistance.

My Frigidaire Fridge is not making any ice. Just recently connected it to water last week.

Things I've done and things to note.
  1. Tested Water Pressure, no issues.
  2. Replaced Water Inlet Value with a brand new unit (no luck, however I did not test the new part for resistance / continuity)
  3. Old Water Inlet Value was tested (after the fact) for resistance and continuity - old value was reading about 380 Ohms (Some sites say minimum between 500-1500 Ohms is correct, while some sites say 100-500 Ohms is correct - Can someone confirm this? - No point in keep the new water inlet valve is the old one was not the issue).
  4. Ordered a New Ice Maker Unit
    1. Current ice maker has not moved / rotated at all since installing the new water inlet valve. I manually did a full rotation with my screwdriver, to no luck.
    2. My belief is that the ice maker unit itself is broken / defective
  5. Also, not sure if this matters, the fridge has the original water filter installed, since we never had water connected in the past, we never bothered to replace it. Upon removing the filter, it is bone dry.
Next step would be to replace the ice maker and go from there, but if a new ice maker unit does not solve the issue, not sure what else to try.
Hi, try to test cycle the ice maker first.

Test Cycling: Remove ice maker plastic cover by inserting screwdriver in notch at bottom and prying cover from housing. Use screwdriver to rotate the small gear counterclockwise until about 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Then the ice maker gear should keep turning on its own till the end of the ice maker cycle.

If it does not turn on its own check for 120 volts between the Light Blue wire and the Black wire.

Here's the ice maker for your model:
Ice Maker Assembly 5303918493
Hi Jake, I rotated the ice maker gear about 1/2 turn, it did not keep going on its own.

I'll try testing the ice maker, do you recommend ordering the part regardless, let's hypothetically say the ice maker was getting 120V, what would my next step be?
No, it won't make sense to order the ice maker if your not getting 120 volts to it.

I forgot to mention to hold in the door switch while you turn that ice maker gear. On some models the door switch needs to be pushed in for the ice maker to get 120 volts.

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