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Frigidaire Refrigerator FSC23F7HSBA - Freezer floor filling and icing, then leaking onto floor

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Aug 14, 2021
Chico, TX
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Greetings Appliance Experts,

I have a 10-year-old Frigidaire side-by-side (model FSC23F7HSBA) the floor of the freezer fills up with ice after a day or two to the point where it starts to leak out of the freezer door seal onto the floor. The ice maker works fine and I do not notice any water/ice in the interior of the freezer other than the floor. There is no water/ice on any of the shelves or even on the back wall of the freezer. It seems to be coming from within the back wall of the freezer. Additionally, and I believe to be related, the back of the freezer has a rusty spot that is growing in size indicating a condensation issue. Photo attached. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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That rust spot indicates most likely a void of insulation. It's a manufacturing defect.

Jake will be able to tell you if there is some sort of fix.
Here's our main thread on this issue:

Did you check to see if the drain plug is clogged in the freezer?
Thanks Robert! Funny, I just finished clearing out the clog and was going to come back to let everyone know that it is fixed when I saw your comment. Spot on! Rust spot is not causing standing water, but if it was it would be leaking in the rear outside the freezer. This issue caused the accumulation inside the freezer which would eventually leak out the door seal. Hope this helps others to help diagnose.

For what it's worth to others that may experience this, I removed the interior back lower panel and poured hot water into the drain. It was hard clogged with ice and debris. I kept doing it until I saw the drain line flowing into the drain pan (underneath fridge - right side facing fridge). I also used a turkey baster to "pressure" the line clear. All good

Thanks again, Robert!

You're welcome.

Rust spot is not causing standing water, but if it was it would be leaking in the rear outside the freezer.
That's what's likely to happen. Is there any damage to your floor or back wall because of the rust?
Damage is strictly limited to what you see in the photo. It is evident that the condensation is happening, but it is evaporating before it reaches the floor. It will probably become an issue. I may tape up styrofoam insulation over the area to see if I can stretch out the service life....
Page 1 post #16--->Rear Panel Kit: Part # 5303918657.

Your welcome Troy!

Did you check to see if the drain plug is clogged in the freezer?
I have a different spin on this whole "water freezing at the bottom of my freezer" ordeal. My fridge is not hooked up to any water line at the moment and I'm still having this issue. Is that weird? So the freezer does not make any ice and we don't use the water feature on the door...yeah yeah...we just haven't had the time to get the water line put in since we moved into the house lol :) But a few months ago this leaking started happening and then I finally figured out that it was water pooling up at the bottom of the inside of the freezer and then when the little space could not hold any more water it would just drip and run across the kitchen floor. It seems like a lot of water for a fridge not hooked up to a water line. And help would be great. I'm about to tackle the defrost job soon. :) Thank you!
@langv, What's the model number for your fridge?

The defrost drain is most likely frozen or clogged. The overflowing water is coming from when the defrost cycle begins and the water can't drain into the defrost pan because the drain is clogged or frozen. The water leak can't be from the water valve since it isn't connected to the water line. :)
I have never hooked up the water dispenser but i got the rust spot, bottom freezer is freaking out and light is out(i assume the light switch is froze over, it was running strong at the bottom)... F Frigidaire garbage... i shoulda got a LG or Samsung.. Never again. Frigidaire 6 year old expensive fridge is garbage?

I have to buy the 530$ repair kit? And it works?


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@mike2nd Do you have the same model: FSC23F7HSBA?

The rust spot isn't because of the water lines. It happens because there isn't enough insulation between a refrigeration line and the back wall of the fridge.

LG and Samsung have a lot of problems too.
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