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Frigidaire Refrigerator LGHC2342LF1 Service Manual or Testing procedure on Main control board


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Feb 24, 2022
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6-10 years
hi, the refrigerator complaint:
First complaint:
Ice not dispensing on crushed or cubed ice.
I checked the Auger by forcing it 110 Volts. It works when forced but not otherwise.
Checked the Solenoid valve for crushed/cube ice. when forced 110 Volts , it hums only.
I ordered the Solenoid valve and started looking for service manual to test main control board.
while waiting for parts, customer registered 2nd complaint.
Icemaker not working anymore.
Icing on the bottom of freezer.

For icing: i can check the Defrost heater (continuity only) and clogged drain but dont know how to test the icemaker.
i need help in the following:
Testing Icemaker Harvest cycle
Testing incoming voltage from Main control board
Testing the Main control board.
Testing the Dispenser board.

I will greatly appreciate help


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Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
I wasn't able to locate the service manual for this model. Hopefully another tech or member can upload that here.

For the ice on the freezer floor, that would be a defrost drain line that's clogged up, you will need to get a hair dryer to melt the ice, then run some hot water down your defrost drain hole, if it doesn't go down fast, its clogged, then you would need to use air pressure to blow out the drain line, or get a mini-snake to run down it.

I use a evaporator cooler spider snake: Evaporative Cooler Flexible Spider Snake

They are used basically in Arizona to clean out the water pump tubes that run to the cooler pads. I don't know if they would sell them in your area, but if you go to your local hardware store, they should have something similar to run down your drain to clean it completely out.

For the ice maker problem, is there ice cubes in the ice maker tray and they won't cycle out? Or no water in the ice maker tray?

If no water, then I always pull the refrigerator out from the wall, then turn the water off, remove the water supply line, then get a bucket or container to catch water in to test the water pressure from the water supply line into a bucket, then turn the water supply line on, and it should have good water pressure force coming out in the bucket or container.

--->If your water pressure is good, then disconnect the water line tubing underneath the water inlet valve and then manually cycle the ice maker and see if water comes out good directly from the water inlet valve.

To manually cycle the ice maker just remove the plastic cover over the front of it, it just unsnaps off, then you will see a gear with a arrow, turn that gear slowly about 1/4 of a turn in the direction of the arrow and then it will continue to move on its own, then watch for water to come out towards the end of the ice maker cycle.

Here's the ice maker for your model:
241798231 Ice Maker

Here's the water inlet valve for your model:
242252702 Water Valve

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